The Best Minimalist Wallets-The Ultimate Solution to Wallet Shuffle

Out of the many annoying things that you have to condone with after leaving your home in the morning is wallet shuffle. Going to work and spending some hours on traffic jams is another annoying activity but wallet shuffling seems to be super annoying. This habit comes with a lot of discomforts, inconvenience, and a tendency to lose your most essential items.

But there is a solution to this old-age problem. And the solution lies in the best minimalist wallet money can buy. Check the best minimalist wallet list from gearfork Before we discuss the benefits of these super minimalist wallets, let’s look at some of the reasons why bulky wallets are a nuisance.

Why Do We Keep Wallets in the Back Pockets?

The origin of wallets dates back to ancient Greece. But the concept of using wallets became widespread after the adoption of paper currency on the 17th. century. Prior to that time, coin purses were widely used.

Unfortunately, ancient wallets were not crafted for money. They were designed for carrying calling cards, some bills, or account books. At the same time, these wallets were ideal for holding dried meat, tobacco, and several fire-starting paraphernalia among others.

The current version of multi-slotted bifold wallets came into popularity in the 1950s. They served as credit card holders when cards were gradually being adopted.

The question is, when did people start keeping wallets in their back pockets? The answer is shrouded in mystery although a simple explanation suggests that back pocket wallets became a fashion trend in the 70s and 80s when suit jackets lost their popularity.

Is a Back Pocket Wallet Bad for Your Back?

Besides the risk of exposing your back pocket wallet to pickpockets, you can also experience back problems. This issue comes about due to an imbalance created by sitting on your wallet for a long time.

The sitting can cause pain or damage to the sciatic nerve which can lead to joint degeneration in your lower back. Don’t allow your back pocket wallet to ruin your back. Instead, try something else such as a minimalist wallet.

Time for the Minimalist Wallet

As stated earlier, the solution to your wallet shuffle is none other than a well-structured slim wallet. Although it is small and less bulky, the minimalist wallet will help you get organized.

The wallet will sit comfortably in your front pocket in addition to helping you maintain your usual posture. This means you will not suffer back pain or experience those challenges posed by bulky wallets.

A perfect example of a minimalist wallet that you can rely on is The Ridge. It is durable and can serve many generations to come once you acquire it. The wallet also comes with a front pocket-friendly design to make you comfortable.

It is usually a quarter-inch thick to hold several cards, some bills, and other essentials. Most importantly, it combines purposeful engineering and built-quality to make it easy for day-long use without worrying about a bulge in one of your front pockets.

Final Thought

There you have it! A minimalist wallet is an ultimate solution to wallet shuffle. It is designed to sit nicely in your front pockets while keeping your most essential items safe from the prying eyes of pickpockets. So if you are wondering which wallet will make you look stylish, safe, and confident, then you should look for a slim, front pocket wallet.