The Best Mobile Games for Your Android Phone

The Google Play Store can be intimidating. All those icons, lists, and charts are literally begging you to spend your coins with them. But which Android games should you be playing right now?

The following list is a mix of free to play games (with optional in-app purchases) and paid apps. Here are some of the very best Android games that you should be playing in 2018.


If you like smart-talking teenagers, the 1980s, and mysterious islands where alternate dimensions wouldn’t be out of place, this game could be for you. This atmospheric adventure title sees a group of teenagers come across a creepy and supernatural surprise during a weekend trip. With a moody synth soundtrack, the game is full of memorable characters, excellent dialogue, and numerous ways for the action to unfold while you’re in exploration mode. Whether everyone makes it off the island or not is down to you.

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO is a stunning adventure, which sees you brave perilous ruins in a bid to track down ancient artefacts. The controls are centred around swiping as you go about your business, taking a number of death-defying risks. While the original Lara Croft games are also available from the Play Store, this is a great way to add some excitement to that morning commute to work. Games based on movies and TV shows are often some of the more popular games due to their built-in fan base. Titles from blockbuster franchises include Back to the Future: The Game and Man of Steel, as well as Matrix and Top Gun, both available on Betfair Casino. Betfair offers these mobile casino games with 25 free spins with no deposit or wagering required. I know, Top Gun isn’t technically a franchise as yet, but with a sequel on the way, that’s likely to change.

Tiny Tower

Nimblebit LLC is a development studio that is positively dangerous in that it is an expert in eating into your time. Tiny Tower, Pocket Trains, and Pocket Planes are each a perfect sim, fully capable of making you feel like a 16-bit god. Tiny Tower, the original, remains the best, however. The game sees you build apartments, along with a range of shops and amenities for your Bitizens. Each Bitizen has the ideal job for him or her to be at their most productive, and you can change what they wear so they all match, as well as to help you keep tabs on where they all are. Between that and changing the names of restaurants and shops to whatever puns come to mind, Tiny Tower provides endless fun and doesn’t push the in-app purchases in a way that annoys.

The Room Series

One of the great things about the Room games is that there are four to play with. And each is stunningly theatrical. The games are dark, creepy, and intimidating as you make your way around looking for hidden keys, exploring mysterious rooms, and manipulating objects. The series is never short of the spectacular and once you’ve finished them all, you’ll feel as smart as a Harvard student.

Now that almost all games are released to Android at the same time as iOS, you don’t have to miss out on the major titles, so there’s no excuse not to be having fun with the very best mobile games available.

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