The Best Tech for Your Suitcase

Wherever your adventures may take you, it is important to be prepared and ready for any eventuality. Making sure you have the appropriate tech in your suitcase can help you to feel more secure. Whether this means knowing that you have a backup charger for your devices, or good quality headphones to help you sleep, here is some of the best tech for your suitcase.

But First…Budget

The first step to choosing your tech accessories is to decide on your budget beforehand. This handy travel pack from CashLady tool can make recommendations for products based on certain criteria, including your budget. It is important to use high-quality items in order for them to perform well and last as long as possible. You don’t want your headphones dying an hour in to your journey! On the other hand, you also don’t want to spend all your money on accessories for travel, when there are so many other expenses to consider alongside this. Making sure you have a clear budget and that you stick to it can help you to plan for your trip whilst allowing you to use the best products you can afford.


There are many great portable charger options mentioned in the travel tech guide, and with the steady development of technology, there are now numerous options to choose from. It is important to make sure that whatever portable charger you choose, it is compatible with your phone and other devices. Make sure to charge your power bank before you leave to give it optimal charging power, and don’t forget any leads you may need!

As well as power banks, charging cables can also become multi-use items. These cables from Native Union attach to your keys, which makes losing either much less likely! They are also reinforced with nylon, which makes them last longer as they can withstand wear and tear. Furthermore, there are different USB options for different kinds of devices, so that you can find one that works for you.


Wireless, buds, overhead; there are so many headphone options it can be tricky to know where to start! Whatever you choose, having a backup option is not a bad idea either, just in case one breaks or you misplace them. There are many different brands and levels of sound quality, which means you can find one that works within your budget. Noise-canceling headphones are common as they help to block out the sound around you, making it easier to listen, study or sleep whilst you travel. If space is a concern for you, small earbuds can easily slip into your pocket or suitcase, providing great quality sound without adding weight to your luggage. Raycon Earphones are a great option for this because they’re small and last a long time between chargers, making them perfect for the traveler who’s out and about all day.


It may not be an option to take monitors and laptops with you when you travel, so you may need alternative devices that offer the same quality but at a fraction of the weight or size. Tablets are a perfect answer to this, with so many varieties to choose from. They are brilliant for working on, as you can get a keyboard that detaches that allow you to work, you can watch movies or TV on them to pass the time, engage in social media messaging, and use them for photography. They also come in different sizes and price points, allowing you to find one that works with that all-important budget!