The Countries With The Highest Levels Of Internet Censorship

The internet is a powerful tool. In many countries you can browse anything you please from anti-governmental material to pornography, social media and TV dramas and movies.

However, while the USA and UK can enjoy the likes of and Facebook, many other countries don’t have that luxury.

Across the world there are a number of countries with strict censorship policies when it comes to online browsing.

Below you’ll find some of the most censored countries when it comes to the internet…

North Korea

As you’d probably expect, North Korea is the most strict country when it comes to online access. Kim Jong-Un isn’t one for Twitter and in fact letting his citizens enjoy the internet as a whole.

Government allow public access to a minute number of sites including a couple of social sites that are specific to the country and material that promotes the regime.

They’re still on dial-up in North Korea too, so the information doesn’t come quickly either.


Iran is another country with extremely strict censorship policies. Social media is severely censored and adult themed sites is completely banned.

It’s thought that around half of the top 500 sites on the planet are blocked in Iran with US and British sites the most commonly banned, while internet speeds are around half that of the US.


The Arab Spring was a landmark moment for many countries but it also made governments very wary of the internet’s power.

Syria made huge blocks online to try and ensure anti-governmental movements couldn’t spread, with any sites that could be deemed harmful completely removed.

Censorship in Syria is particularly rife government control regions, where the likes of social media is heavily monitored.


Incredibly, only 2% of Somalia have access to the internet and the access they do have is minimal.

Most of those who do have access live in the north of the country but any sites with criticism of the government are blocked, while there have even been threats to blanket ban social media for days at a time, particularly during school exam season.


Pakistan have seen censorship rise in recent times as political freedom becomes even more desirable for the country’s people.

Due to that, the government are trying to repress this by censoring any content that could be considered anti-governmental and social media is monitored closely.

There have been a number of arrests based upon posts that are anti-army, making it a rather dangerous place to practice free speech.

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