The Division New York Collapse Novel Detailed

Next month when The Division is released it will be accompanied by The Division: New York Collapse. This novel created by author Alex Irvine, is a urban survivalist’s field guide, but includes handwritten notes, doodles, and removable artifacts discovered by April Kelleher. She is a survivor of the pandemic and she dissects the guide’s strangely prescient text, uncovering cryptic clues that point to what’s really going on in The Division’s story. Ubisoft released a trailer to give you an idea of what the book is about.

Ubisoft also release the first few pages of the novel, which you can see below:




It is great to see Ubisoft have extras like this to add to the story. If you haven’t seen it there is also a live-action short film called The Division: Agent Origins, which is free to watch if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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