The Effects of Social Media in Modern Society

There has been all manner of ills leveled against the internet. Talk of the negative effects that Facebook and Instagram are having on the youth, or the negative impacts that socialite has on society in general. Basically, many scholars have written about how unhealthy the internet is. However, the site EarthWeb says that this does not mean the internet is actually as bad as portrayed.

Social media has the power to empower us, making it easy for people across the world to communicate and form friendships easily. Social media platforms have the potential to revolutionize the world, bringing economic boom and making people more responsible as well. This article looks at some of the effects that social media can have on modern society.

Enables people to build communities

The internet, through social media, has played a fundamental role in bringing people of all walks of life together. People who would have otherwise lived a lonely life are now able to create friends and join social media communities.

And to enhance this, most people are creating these communities on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Those that have opened a YouTube channel are using services from just to ensure that they have maximum members on their channels.

Helps in strengthening relationships

While many people have opined that social media pushes us further apart from each other, the contrary is actually true. Through social media, families can now easily interact without paying attention to the distance between them. Those who have moved to live in other countries can still be able to feel closer to members back home through social media.

We have also witnessed cases where people start a relationship online and push it through until they meet and marry, all thanks to social media. Still, when couples live away from each other, maybe in different towns or countries, then they can utilize social media to keep in touch, thus helping them keep their love growing.

Facilitate help-seeking

In times of distress, more and more young people turn to the internet to seek help. Social media platforms are especially good for this given that people can seek help anonymously, without having to use their real identity.

And it is not just among the youths, even grownups and married people have used these social media platforms to seek help for their marital issues. And there is enormous help that people using the internet can help you with. Note that social media has all manner of people, and you should not be surprised to get professional help for free.

Can help one generate revenue

It is an era where the youths are encouraged to create their employment, and perhaps help employ others as well. And due to the high unemployment rates across the world, young people have now devised methods to offer their expertise online on a freelance basis to make ends meet. They can get enough money through things such as graphic design, content creation, and others, all thanks to social media.


There is plenty of goodies that social media has brought us. And while it can be harmful as well, focusing on the negative effects of social media will be taking a narrow view of what the noble platform can do. We have so much to benefit from if only we can use social media platforms responsibly.

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