The Entire 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh CPU Lineup has been Leaked

Not that long ago six of Intel’s upcoming 14th generation Core Raptor Lake-S Refresh processors were accidently leaked by an e-tailer. These included all of the main models you would expect from the Core i9-14900K down to the Core i5-14600K. According to the latest rumors the higher-end K and KF models from this lineup are expected to launch at some point next month.

The non-K models could come later down the line, possibly at CES 2024 in January. Well Twitter / X user YuuKi_AnS has uploaded an entire list of the 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh processors with their entire specifications and more! Noticeable on the list is the lower-end Intel 300 and 300T models, both of which will have 2P+0E core configuration. These chips are expected to be the successors of the Pentium Gold and Celeron branded processors.

14th gen leak 1

Everything in the leaked table you see above is listed a “QS” or a qualification sample so specifications of the chips could change due to their pre-production status. Intel looks to be using three different die designs for the desktop range, Tom’s Hardware has pointed out that “the B0 die (8P-16E) powers SKUs from the Core i5-14600 and up, while the C0 (8P+8E) die targets models from Core i5-14400 to Core i5-14500T. On the contrary, the H0 (6P+0E) die, which is the lowest of the trio, will be inside the Intel 300 to Core i3-14100T chips.”

WCCFTech has put together an easier to read table with all of the information you need on each chip. Looking at pricing we are expecting to see a 15% premium in price over the 13th Gen Core lineup.

14th gen leak 2

Via Tom’s Hardware, WCCFTech, YuuKi_AnS

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