The Entire AMD Ryzen Lineup Pricing Revealed

Just yesterday we gave you the details on the three processors AMD officially announced, which were the Ryzen 7-1800X priced at USD $499, followed by the Ryzen 7-1700X at $399, and the Ryzen 7-1700 at $329. We now have information on the six other processors in the Ryzen lineup.


As you can see the next processor down the list is the Ryzen R5 1600X which comes in at $259, followed the by R5 1500 at $$229, R5 1400X at $199, R5 1300 at $175, R3 1200X at $149, and finally the R3-1100 at $129. You can see all of the other relevant information on the processors in the graph above. Again, Ryzen is going to be very affordable!

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