The Epic Games Store Gains over 100 Million Subscribers in its First Year

It looks like the Epic Games Store is here to stay. Epic has just announced that their new digital distribution platform has gained over 100 million subscribers in its first year. I think that is better than most people expected. The success of the platform is part in due to the exclusive game releases and weekly free games given away on the platform.

epic games store

Another thing that has helped the platform become successful is the more enticing revenue spit between developers and games, which made headlines with its 88-12 percent revenue split. Epic has said that the store has generated $680 million in revenue thus far, with $251 million representing sales of third-party games.

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Part of that revenue has also been channeled back at gamers with $23 million being distributed in coupons and discounts towards game sales. So far according to Epic the most successful games on the platform are World War Z, Borderlands 3, Untitled Goose Game, Metro Exodus, Control, The Outer Worlds, The Division 2, Dauntless, and Satisfactory.

Via The Verge

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