The Exclusive Features Of Wondershare Mirror Go, And Things You Need To Know

The mirroring software named Wondershare MirrorGo permits users to mirror smartphone screens to the system. Not only that but also through the software, you can transfer files. The product is so efficient and smooth that people can usually connect a small screen to the big one in a few minutes. The versatile platform has helped educators to teach students more efficiently. The tool has been popularly used in meeting rooms when a discussion has to be carried out. Here are some exclusive features of the platform, knowing which you can easily mirror iPhone to PC.

mirror go

  • Mirroring the iPhone to PC

The procedure to connect mobile devices to the system is simple and does not take more than a few minutes. There is no need for any wires to be connected, and you do not require any laptop to carry. If you have the files on your phone, that’s enough. Simply, you can open the app, and through that, connect to a big screen.

  • Controlling mobile devices from PC

With a versatile application, you will have full control over what you wish to share and whatnot. You can access the entire thing from your smartphone and start the discussion. It is a better way to communicate with people. Instead of transferring the files to everyone separately, install the software, connect your phone to the system, and do it.

  • Transferring files and images

If you wish to move videos, images, files, documents, etc., between windows and your smartphone, you can easily do it. It makes communication better when you have a lot of people. Also, they can discuss a topic openly instead of looking at their system. Otherwise, you have to wait for everyone to receive the file on their computer, following which you can proceed further. But when you transfer the file directly to the system, you can save some time.

  • Recording phone screen

In case there is some specific information that you wish to record, you can do so. Also, you can take screenshots, which will help you have the data for future reference. In short, the brilliant platform can do all such activities for which you have to install separate applications. Once you start using the software, you can completely eliminate the other apps. As a result, you will have enough space in your device for other things.

  • Data recovery

The application has a data recovery feature allowing you to recover all the details that you have lost. It is one of the specific reasons why the software has become so popular in a short time. In case you have mistakenly removed some data from your iPhone, it’s time to download the application and recover it. However, the platform can also be used from your android phones, a significant parameter.

  • Phone transfer

If you need to transfer folders from your old to a new device, download the application. Once the installation is done, run it across the device. After that, you can continue with the process as it appears on your screen. As soon as the process gets over, switch off and turn it on again. Thus, you can access all the details that you want.

  • WhatsApp transfer

Some users find it difficult with the backup process as Whatsapp allows only some particular cloud services. With that, the entire process becomes a bit challenging as people do not find a proper way to transfer the files. But if you use an excellent platform, eliminating this issue will be easy. By connecting the device, you can share images, videos, files, etc., in a short time.

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  • Screen unlock feature

In case you have forgotten your screen lock password, the screen unlocking feature can help you. Definitely, many methods are available to unlock but are specifically for fingerprint, pattern, etc. However, this application allows you to unlock the iPhone irrespective of how it has been locked. Considering all such aspects, anyone will wish to try the application at least once.

  • Phone manager

With the tool, you can access information present on your phone, from your PC, like photos, videos, documents, apps, contacts, etc. Suppose you wish to watch a movie, and the file is present on your phone. You can look for it from the PC and play the movie on the big screen. It indicates that mirroring allows you to do everything on a big screen that you usually do in a small one.

After knowing the features, if you are interested in using the application, here how you can do it. It is easy to use, and anyone can do so in a few minutes. The tool applies to the latest IOS version. The process is:

  • Firstly, download and install the application on the phone and wait for the process to get over. Ensure that your device has enough space for the platform; otherwise, the process will get stuck.
  • Create your account by putting the details, and you will have a username and password. It is better to note down that in case you require it in the future.
  • With the Wi-Fi, connect the device and iPhone and look for the option that says MirrorGo.
  • You will find the option under Screen Mirroring and click on that. After that, you will see that the mirroring of the iPhone on the computer is done.

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Choose MirrorGo

The platform is popularly known as all in one as it has several features. When you start using the tool, you can eliminate using all other apps. Many ways are there through which mirroring can be done, but using the best software is a must. The eminent platform allows mirroring in no time, and it is the right solution to be used in a meeting or conference room. Mirroring has made things easy, efficient, and reliable. Nowadays, it is also recognized as a popular business application and eliminates the need to carry your system everywhere. Therefore, download the application and use it, and you will be satisfied with the features.