The First Intel 200-Series Motherboard Teased By MSI

We expected to see some 200-Series motherboards at Computex 2016 and it looks like MSI has one on display! The board is named the Z2T0-Anniversary (possibly a typo for typo for Z270-Anniversary?) and will likely be based on the chipset that succeeds the current 100-series (Z170-Express) so likely Z270-Express. These motherboards will launch along side of Intel’s 7th Generation Core “Kaby Lake” processors.

This of course is not a final board, but more of a prototype as many of the components on the board have not been finalized. The board does however seem to be loaded with features, which rivals MSI’s current Z170A-Gaming M7. We can see reinforced PCI-Express slots, a powerful VRM, dedicated audio chip, and possibly a dedicated LAN chip as well.

MSI says this board will launch in November.

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