The First LN2 Cooled Ryzen CPU Has Been Spotted

We’ve heard various reports the AMD’s Ryzen processors have been sent out to reviewers this past week. It looks like someone is already ready to do some extreme overclocking with the chip. Pictures have surfaced on HWBattle of showing an AMD Ryzen-based system with an LN2 pot.


The test system seems to be made up of the Biostar Racing X370 GT7 motherboard, and G.Skill DDR4 memory. We are unsure what Ryzen CPU model is being used here. It comes in the same black box that AMD used with Bulldozer.

In the picture below you see the system on with the LN2 pot on top of the CPU. We can spot a multi-meter that reads -29C. Right now all that was posted were these images so we do not have information on the CPU, what speed it was running at, benchmark scores etc.


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