Multiple Trays Of AMD Ryzen Chips Pictured

Check out these leaked photos of trays of AMD Ryzen processors! It is likely that these photos were leaked by someone who works at an OEM dekstop builder. We see several 12-unit trays of AMD Ryzen processors, which reveals their final package design. We see a “Ryzen” branding printed on the integrated heatspreader, along with part and serial numbers.

AMD Ryzen Trays

The chips say, “diffused in USA, made in China” on them. This means that the dies (the actual chips) are being made in the USA at the new GlobalFoundries fab in upstate New York. Once done there the chips are shipped as wafers to the GlobalFoundries facility in China, where the dies are mated with the pinned substrate and integrated heatspreader. AMD is expected to launch these processors on the 28th of this month!

AMD Ryzen Trays

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