The First PCIe Gen5 SSDs From AORUS Are Now Available For Preorder In US

We’re nearing the release of Gigabyte’s Aorus Gen5 10000 SSD and it seems that major online retailers have already included the top-of-the-line model on their websites. Specifically, the Aorus Gen5 10000 2TB can now be found on Amazon and Newegg. However, it appears that the SSD is currently not available on Amazon as it is marked as “temporarily out of stock.” On the other hand, Newegg is offering the Aorus Gen5 10000 2TB for backorder at a price of $339.99.

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If you remember, Gigabyte’s prior Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem was also introduced at $339.99 but can now be purchased for $281.99 from both Amazon and Newegg. Meanwhile, the new Gen5 model costs nearly $60 more, but it also brings about a considerable boost in performance. With the Aorus Gen4 7000s Prem, you can expect the maximum sequential reads to reach 7,000 MBps, while the sequential writes can go up to 6,850 MBps.

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Conversely, the new Aorus Gen5 10000 2TB is capable of producing sequential reads and writes of 10,000 MBps and 9,500 MBps, respectively. In addition, compared to the previous generation’s 2GB DDR4 cache, the new Gen5 has doubled that amount to 4GB of LPDDR4 cache.

Via Amazon, Newegg