The First Three Smart TV Apps You Should Get

So I’ve finally upgraded my TV! My last TV was a Sharp Aquos 1080p TV, so I was definitely in the need for an upgrade! The best thing about my new TV is that it is a Smart TV! That means I can download and install apps on it! Before I do that I need to get my new TV mounted. Many people think mounting a TV is hard, but it is actually very easy. The biggest reason to mount a TV is to get it up off the ground. Mounting protects it from falling over. Sadly, I’ve seen many TVs destroyed by people leaning on them and knocking them over.

Knowing I wanted to get a mount I opted to get one online. The ones you might find at the store are not always the highest quality and you are really limited on what is available. Now you could go on Amazon or another online retail site, but it is still sort of confusing and you never know if the mount will actually fit your TV correctly. That is where the SANUS Mountfinder comes in! It is so easy to use! So to get started you select the type of mount you want.

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Next you can either search for your specific TV or enter the model number. The model number of your TV is typically located on the box near the serial number, but if you can’t find it just select the manufacturer of your TV then select the size.

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Once you select a size it will suggest models in that range. If you don’t see yours it will actually show you were to find your model number. Once you have selected your model you are brought to a screen with all of the compatible mounts for your TV and you can easily compare them. Mounting your TV is actually really easy, I did mine all by myself, but if you run into issues SANUS has US-based customer support available 7 days a week.

Now that we have our TV mounted let’s talk about three Smart TV apps you need to check out!

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So the obvious first choice is Netflix. There are a lot of different streaming service out there, but in my opinion Netflix is the best. It has the best selection of movies and TV shows and the interface is extremely easy to use. It also has suggestions based on things you’ve watched, which has introduced me to so many different shows and movies. Netflix is definitely worth the monthly fee.

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Next is something a little bit different, iHeartRadio. I don’t know about you, but I don’t own a radio, I’m not sure many people do. The only radio I have is in my car, but I do enjoy certain radio shows, especially sports shows. So iHeartRadio allows you to listen to your local radio stations as well as radio stations from across the country.

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Finally that brings us to Crackle. If you are not about the monthly fee for Netflix or any of the other services Crackle is free. This is great, especially if you’ve dropped a boat-load of money on a new Smart TV. Crackle offers TV Shows as well as movies and the interface is very easy to navigate. Some of the TV Shows they offer include Heroes, Robetech, and Seinfeld.

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So when you bring your new Smart TV home there are two things you should do, go to the SANUS Mountfinder and get a mount and setup these three apps! SANUS also offers a bunch of cool home theater products like speakers stands and accessories. They have a pretty active blog too, which can give you ideas on how to setup your home theater.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SANUS. The opinions and text are all mine.

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