The Future Of Horse Racing: Drones, AI & VR Opening New Doors

Horse racing is a sport that has continuously grown with the implementation of technology, with the tech not only offering a more immersive experience for the viewers and bettors, but also playing a key role in the understanding that trainers have for their runners.

Technology is now visibly used within the sport across the world, with each track taking into account the forms that they have at their disposal, and implementing them should they have a reason to do so and should they have the funds available to make it a success.

But, what are some of the forms of technology that could help shape the future of horse racing over the coming generations?

Importance Of Collecting Data

One of the key reasons why technology has been heavily implemented within horse racing is down to the importance of collecting vital data that could aid the sport moving forward.

Tracks use technology to help assess the safety of the ground, which could have a direct impact on lowering the fatality rate throughout the year. Meanwhile, trainers can use data to assess each horse within their care to ensure that they are operating at their best level.

This is also a key form of tech used by trainers, as it could help unearth underlying health conditions that may play a part in the comfort of a horse and potential indicate why they aren’t performing on track.

Data is also vitally important for bettors, as new forms of technology now mean that gamblers can easily access key pieces of information that could indicate a runner that may be suited to ground conditions, as well as a potential bias at a course that could work in their favour.

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Drones are now widely used by most of the leading tracks across the world, as it saves money on running helicopters with heavy equipment throughout a long event on the calendar.

This form of technology also enhances the viewer experience, as they will be able to get unique views of the field as they are competing on course, with the angles also able to ensure that bettors can see exactly where their runner is in comparison to the remainder of the field.

Unlike helicopters, drones are able to get closer to the action without spooking horses, meaning that it offers the most unique view of the action on track without actually riding the horse. Drones can also move quickly and quietly, meaning various other angles can be used for television purposes.

As well as this, drones can be used to showcase racecourses in all their best lights, which will only enhance the prospect of new visitors attending the course.

Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned previously, collecting data is essentially important within the sport of horse racing, meaning it is no surprise that the sector has been quick to implement Artificial Intelligence.

One of the biggest reasons for its success is due to the availability to simulate human intelligence through machines, meaning that it is able to throw up all possible solutions when it comes to finding an outcome. This is exactly what bettors will be looking to achieve when wagering on the sport, as AI has the ability to go through vast amounts of data before throwing up the most likely outcome in a race.

AI can quickly and carefully go through all the key pieces of data that researchers would but in half of the time. This includes examining the key form lines, speed figures, and potential track bias that could play a part. Data analysis is vitally important for trainers too, as it allows them to track their runners on the gallop, and quickly assess whether their runner is performing below their usual standards.

This means that it can help to pick up lingering issues that can’t be seen from the human eye, and ensures that effective measures can be taken.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a technology that has already been adopted by some of the leading casino sites available online, and it would appear only a matter of time before sportsbooks follow the same guidance.

VR could offer an unrivalled experience to bettors making their wagers online, as it will enable them to get up close and personal with all the runners in the parade ring, before riding aboard their selected runner throughout the race.

The technology is already being widely used within the sport, as it is an excellent educational tool for jockeys. Riders are able to use the form of tech to learn more about potential race tactics that could see them standing the best chance of victory.

Furthermore, it is an excellent form of tech for conditional jockeys, as they will have the opportunity to ride in races to learn more about the safety measures and codes that should be adhered to in order to avoid punishments and potential disqualifications.