The Huawei Matebook E Is an Impressive-Looking Surface Pro Alternative

A 2-in-1 laptop is a device that merges the functions and features of a conventional laptop and tablet. Whether you are in the office or on vacation, and a2-in-1 laptop, also known as a 2-in-1 PC, laplet or laptop, can make things easier in your life by reducing the number of devices you carry. This device operates on PC OS, supports a touchscreen, keyboard and other features found in both laptops and tablets. There are several features incorporated in 2-in-1, but the most prominent one is a keyboard that facilitates ergonomic typing typical in conventional laptops.

Three Options

But these convertibles have a bad reputation, yet they promise to offer functionalities and features of both laptops and tablets. So9me products such as Microsoft Surface Pro 8 somewhat meets the expectation of customers, but the majority invokes felling in users that they have spent more than it’s worth. Huawei tablet matebook e is an attempt to fill this long vacuum with tons of potential and promise. The models come with Intel Corei3-1110G4, i7-1160G7, or i5-1130G7, with 8GBor 16GB LPDDR4xRAM.Three different storage capacity is available 512GB, ,256GB 128GB. The incorporated OLED display system in the MetaBook E is a 12.6in no, along with the value of Delta E below one with a screen-body ratio of 90%. The display can reach a hundred per cent of the DCI-P3 spectrum as well as a brightness level of 600nits.

Delta E value

Delta E value denotes the difference between the displayed colors and the original colors of the content. Delta E is a standard metric created by the International Commission of Illumination. The E in the Delta E stands for Empfindung, a German word meaning sensation, comprehensively meaning the difference in sensation. This metric has a scale from zero to a hundred. The apex means the complete distortion of colors. The MetaBook E have a Delta E of less than one signifying the least alteration in displayed colors, which is not distinguishable in the human eye. Besides aesthetics and view ability screen with a low Delta E value enables the user to perform high-end tasks like editing videos and graphics on multiple monitors without any significant distortions.

Detachable screen

The display screen is removable from the Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard, making it more sleek and portable. The structure is sturdy, cast from magnesium alloy shielded by a fiberglass cover. The MetaBook E weighs only 709gm with 7.9mm thickness. The M –Pencil (2nd generation) is incorporated into the device that magnetically adheres. It has a battery life of ten hours with 4,096pressure levels sensitivity and 2ms latency. The pencil comes with anti-fingertip coating with a silver luster. The tip of the M-pencil is crafted from platinum and comes with a package of two replaceable tips. A tap at the round button where the finger rests toggles it from brush to eraser.

Another crucial security feature in the 2-in-1 laptop is the fingertip scanner at the power button; the 3D cooling system dissipates the heat more efficiently. Holistically it seems an attractive package taking into consideration of pricing and other not mentioned internals.