The Importance of Data Engineers

What Is Data Engineering?

It is, of course, effortless and easy to perceive the basic meaning of the term ‘Data Engineers’ following the title. Data engineering is chiefly an expression used for the engineers working with data-driven organizations developing suitable software solutions. This includes providing an authentic and well-grounded infrastructure regarding the data which comprises of preparation, storage structures, delivery and it’s processing. They are also assigned with jobs of making it easier to access the raw data by building useful algorithms.

Increasing Importance of Data Engineering

With the rapid advancement in computer technology and also hacking (, a key requirement is to maintain big data structures more securely and efficiently. That’s the fundamental explanation why data engineers are now more relevant than ever.

What Should They Do to Stay in The Game?

The advent of this data has also changed the requirements and responsibilities for the engineers dramatically. With bigger databases and complex advanced algorithms, we also need data engineers to project manage. Senior data engineers will often have more responsibilities, such as managing teams or projects. A few years ago, data engineers were writing large SQL (Short Query Language) using mainstream tools such as Talend or ETL. Just writing the codes and working on data visualization while being highly analytical was also the basic demand from them. But now, all IT companies have bigger expectations and requirements for database engineers. They need to be much more methodical and analytical and to stay in the game.

How to Become a Data Engineer?

A great understanding and knowledge of Python, SQL, data warehousing, data modelling is useful. Also, having an understanding of Java and Scala is highly preferred. Moreover, conversance with Amazon web series and other cloud platforms is sometimes required by employers. This is a fast paced niche in that each year technology is updated meaning you have to try and keep up.

Other skill sets which maybe required for certain jobs include optimizing and the retrieval of data. Developing reports and dashboards for stakeholders in organizations you are working with is often required as some organisations insist this forms part of the job description which overlaps data analyst roles. The good news is that bigger companies tend to have data scientists or data analysts for these tasks.

It’s worth stating that a data engineer job description for one company could vary enormously to another advertised for another company, in other words no two data engineer jobs are the same, therefore, the specific skillset you have might work for or against you depending on the advertised role and what’s required.

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Master the Basic Skills and Become a Data Engineer

Individuals can also study online or at college and master these basic skills before applying for junior positions. Some companies offer apprenticeships which is a great way to learn on the job whilst obtaining meaningful qualifications. Interestingly, statistics show that some data engineers also come from either computer science or software development.

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