The importance of websites in the age of social media

The advent of the Internet and social media has given the decisive impetus to the evolution of online communication, which has rapidly shifted from an extremely simple, unidirectional exchange of messages (from brand to consumers) to a singularly chaotic situation in which communication messages, starting from the brand, now seem to end up in a multiplicity of different directions, multiplying endlessly thanks to algorithms and being manipulated by the users themselves, who turn some parts of them into actual content for their own social profiles.

Until a few years ago, the brand could count on a certain amount of control over its communicative message, on fundamentally stable and predictable communicative procedures. Nowadays, the situation is completely different. The brand retains control of its communicative message only at the initial stage, because in the later stages it will end up in the hands of web and social media users, who will comment on it, share it or post it again on their channels, thus giving it a new life and turning it (sometimes) into viral content.

The end result of this situation, according to many observers, is the substantial dispersion of information, of advertising content, which inevitably ends up fragmented within the different platforms where it is published, thus losing a good part of its initial strength.

Different platforms

The original idea behind the campaign, conceived perhaps after hours and hours of intense work, thus comes to be parceled out in a wide variety of content, created ad hoc for each social media and published online, in the belief that from the union of these efforts can come concrete improvements in business performance, especially from the point of view of sales and reputation.

In most cases, however, the original strength embodied in the initial idea almost always ends up getting lost, gradually losing its effectiveness during its journey on the web (between one social media and another, or at any rate within the different online channels available to the brand).

Posting different content on each social media outlet is not in itself wrong, but it is an operation to be carried out with the utmost delicacy, being very careful not to dissipate all the power contained in the original idea behind the campaign. In fact, often, in an attempt to spread one’s communication messages widely on the various platforms, there is a tendency to trivialize them, to oversimplify them, thus weakening their firepower.

A rather convenient alternative to this kind of situation nowadays is related to the ability to know how to create an interesting website, rich in useful content and extremely easy to use, with the aim of turning it into a single virtual platform where users will be able to find everything they need, without any kind of dispersion.

Over the past two decades, in the face of the meteoric growth of social media, people and companies seem to have almost forgotten the fundamental role of a website, often relegating them to oblivion and treating them as if they were a mere landing page or a virtual link to other virtual brand spaces, such as ecommerce or company profiles on social media.

Avoiding dispersion

Thanks to its structural features, a well-structured website can still prove incredibly useful, especially for all those brands that intend to limit as much as possible the dispersion of their content within other virtual spaces.

By creating ad hoc sections, each for each service or product offered by the company, the brand will be able to create a multifunctional arena of great practicality, allowing users to quickly and uncomplicatedly find all the information they need about a certain service. If it is then a fast and easy-to-navigate website with smooth and seamless navigation, the consumer will enjoy it even more.

This strategy has already been employed with ample success by online gambling portals, which over the past few years have managed to create very viable alternatives to traditional casinos. On these platforms you will not only be able to find real money casinos, but also a wide selection of free slots and the best entertainment experiences currently on the net, all of which are extremely safe and carefully selected by a scrupulous team of experts.

The possibility of redeeming attractive bonuses and access to innovative, extremely exciting game modes further enriches an offer that already in itself appears to be truly unique, capable of satisfying even the most demanding users’ tastes.

The natural antidote for dispersion, in this chaotic and complex era, is the optimal concentration of information within a single quality platform.