The Importance of Witness Testimony in Car Accident Claims

Car crashes are often witnessed by numerous people, some of whom may be able to help after the accident by testifying to what happened. When there are witnesses to an accident, a lawyer may need to ask them questions to help the client obtain compensation from the insurance company or the at-fault driver in court. There are numerous reasons why witness statements are incredibly important for car accident claims, including the following. 

Figure Out How the Accident Occurred

When there is a crash, it can be difficult to tell exactly what happened. Some cases are clearer than others, but each driver may have thought they had the right of way on the road when the accident occurred. Neither may be willing to admit their fault. In these cases, obtaining witness testimonies can be crucial. They allow the lawyer to find out how the accident occurred, which can be necessary for showing fault. 

Determine Who Was At Fault for the Crash

Who actually had the right of way on the road? It’s not always easy to determine fault following an accident. It may depend on which light was green or who was supposed to go first to turn according to local driving laws. Lawyers often use witness testimony to show that their client had the right of way before the crash occurred and that they are owed compensation for injuries or damages. In some situations, witness testimony may be the only way to determine fault. 

Find the Other Driver in a Hit-And-Run

Drivers don’t always do the right thing and stay after an accident. They may try to leave the scene after the accident, especially if they are not legally able to drive, have been drinking, or otherwise know they’ll get in trouble if they stay. Witness testimony may be able to help find the hit-and-run driver. If a witness remembers the license plate, for instance, it can help find the other driver. They may only remember a few numbers, but that can be used with the make and model of the vehicle to find the driver. 

Help With Providing More Information

There may be more information that a witness can provide to help the situation. If the at-fault driver made any comments admitting their fault, for instance, witness testimony may mean that can be entered into court as evidence if the case isn’t settled. The witness may be able to provide information about the severity of the accident, the injuries they noted at the scene, or anything else that a lawyer can use to help their client get compensation for the crash. All of the information collected from the witness can be used in negotiations before settling or in court to get the right amount of compensation from the at-fault driver or their insurance company. 

After a car crash, it can be difficult to remember all of the little details and to get a clear picture of what really happened and who was at fault. This is where witness testimony can be vital. A witness statement may be the difference between being unable to settle or getting a large settlement from the at-fault driver. If you’ve been in a car accident, let your lawyer know about potential witnesses to the accident, so their statements can be collected and used to help your case.