The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your NFT Project

The Non-fungible token (NFT) business is growing rapidly. According to, an average of 50,000 NFTs are sold every day, amounting to a trading volume of $136.2M. The best NFT projects sell for millions of dollars every week, with the best-selling item auctioned for a price of $69M.

If you’re planning to get into the NFT business, the right time is now. You can mint or buy and resell already minted NFTs. It isn’t easy but it’s possible with the right marketing. Below is how to market your NFT collection effectively:

Social Media

Social media is a must-use tool for digital marketers. And the explanation is simple. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—the three biggest social giants—have a client base of over three billion customers.

That’s nearly half of the world, an audience you can leverage to command attention for your NFT projects.  Twitter is arguably the best social network for NFT collectors. CEO Jack Dorsey is a massive crypto art fan: He sold hist first ever tweet as an NFT for $2.9M.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a huge audience to sell your NFT on Twitter. You need a great marketing strategy to make your art collection go viral. Or you can partner with popular influencers to get your artwork to a bigger audience.

Twitter aside, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram and Snapchat are all excellent marketing platforms. You can use paid advertising to attract a large audience quickly. But for best results, combine paid advertising with organic marketing.

SEO Marketing

Do you plan to buy and sell NFTs as a business? Do you have a website? If you don’t, you’re making it challenging to sell your art. A website is an excellent platform to publish your portfolio. It also puts you in a good place to attract web traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing!

There’s one little problem, though. You need to rank your website at the first page of Google to acquire a lot of traffic. It takes months of publishing quality content and optimizing your site for SEO to rank high.

SEO is a continuous process best done by a top-rated agency like MoonRanking. You see, Search Engine Optimization involves numerous tweaks—keyword research, optimizing titles and tags, optimizing links and web pages to improve speed and the overall user experience.

Isn’t SEO expensive? It depends. If you consult an inexperienced consultant with pricey plans, you’ll pay a lot of money for little to no ROI. But if you partner with an agency known for delivering results, then the investment will be cost-effective and profitable.

NFT Marketplaces

After the NFT industry exploded in early 2021, loads of marketplaces cropped up. Some platforms have been around for years. But presently, there are numerous places to sell your crypto artwork. Below are some of them:

  1. OpenSea

New York-based OpenSea is arguably the most famous NFT trading website. OpenSea lists your first NFT project free of gas. What’s more, you can transfer your NFT collection from other platforms to OpenSea, even if the projects come from non-Ethereum wallets.

Additionally, you can view statistics related to the best-performing art pieces. Importantly, collecting royalties is hassle-free.

  1. Axie

Axie is an NFT marketplace owned by the same company that created the Axie Infinity video game. It boasts of a trading volume worth $2.1B, a third of the $6.5B trading volume on OpenSea.

Axie is an ideal marketplace for selling cute digital pets and other collectibles popular with gamers. Like OpenSea, Axie lets you mint original NFTs or add already existing art pieces . The best part: NFTs on Axie have a use in Axie Infinity, which helps drive their prices tremendously.

  1. Rarible

Rarible is a leading NFT Marketplace with a trading volume of $210M. It lists all sorts of digital media, from artwork and photographs to music and sports paraphernalia. Rarible is similar to OpenSea in that you can create multiple pieces of the same product to sell the same item to multiple people.

Think of CryptoPunks. The series has 10,000 characters with the same primary features but different aesthetics and attributes. The NFTs cost as much as $7.58M.

  1. SuperRare

Super Rare are the two words that can turn your NFT collection into millions of dollars’ worth of profits. Now, there’s no guarantee your NFTs will ever sell for millions of dollars. But SuperRare is a marketplace dedicated to help artists generate the most income from their artwork.

SuperRare places an emphasis on quality over quantity of NFT projects. It achieves this by working alongside artists to help them mint the best NFTs they can. The platform is also incredibly personalized to help you target the specific audience based on the NFTs you sell.

Video Marketing

According to research firm Ninja, 60% of Internet users prefer video to text-based content. Interestingly, video marketing generates more interactions than blogging. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though.

As we’ve mentioned, people love watching videos. However, they don’t watch just about any videos. Roughly 60% of people quit watching a video after two minutes. If you want to stand out, create a quality video.

In fact, hire a professional video marketing agency to create a high-quality advert for you. Also, work with them to distribute the content on platforms that can provide the maximum visibility for your NFT projects.

Build Communities on Reddit and Discord

One of the best ways to promote your NFT collection is by building a community of loyal followers. A website, an email subscription list, Twitter account or YouTube page can help you build a community. But guess what?

There are no limits on the number of platforms you can use to engage with people that love crypto. So, join Reddit, Discord and other similar platforms to interact with people that love crypto artwork.

The beauty of Discord and Reddit is that they congregate millions of like-minded people. If you have quality artworks, selling them through these platforms will be relatively easy. Additionally, you’ll have a community of fans that can buy your art pieces in the future.