The Most Popular Online Games 2019

Online games are gaining increasing popularity, and their quality sometimes surpasses Hollywood movies. Many fans of computer games are already tired of singles, so they prefer to plunge into the world of communication, fun, and joint battles. The modern market offers such a huge number of games that sometimes it’s easy to get lost. What are the best online games in 2019? For some, it’s the favorite DotA while others prefer to play Rust. Each of them is leading in its genre.

Some of the games have gained crazy popularity and took positions in the world tops. One of the reasons is that many games are available at casinos online. At a reputable casino, one can play not only roulette formula on Gclub but also Dota slots, and other games that some time ago could be played only for entertainment purposes. Now, your hobby can turn into a source of solid income thanks to online gambling. Wonder what online multiplayer projects have broken into the charts in 2019? Check them below!

Monster Hunter: World

It’s a project from the world-famous Japanese studio Capcom, which presented Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry. The product Monster Hunter has a long history but the last part is the first cross-platform game that finally went beyond the PS4 and got to Xbox One and PC.

The gameplay part MHW has been worked out to the smallest detail. Here, every inch of the landscape is the most useful for combat, research, crafting and survival. You will fight with huge and quite clever lizards. When hunting for them, you will have to use far more than one tactic, as well as the folds of the terrain, ingenuity and significant inventory items.

Equipment plays an important role in the hunt, because it protects against certain elements, makes the player “invisible” to especially dangerous predators, and even allows you to maneuver thanks to air currents.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Multiplayer dramatically changes not only the plot outline but also the feeling of what is happening. The missions are often repeated, but the players always choose the type of their passage on their own.

Another huge plus is the most realistic shooting physics, and all this happens when listening to a great soundtrack. Often, you may think that you’re more focused on the perverse way to undermine a particular grouping, rather than on the main plot. Such is the specifics of Wildlands performed by Ubisoft.


Hardly in 2019, there is someone who has not heard of PUBG, a global gaming phenomenon that has moved not only Dota 2 but all of Steam’s main competitors in the number of simultaneously playing gamers. And even if the numbers are not so impressive – the product is still extremely relevant. Years of hard work allowed a talented developer to create a project with global popularity: 100 people on one map, a difficult landscape, a huge number of weapons, armor, and equipment, and no rules!


Let us introduce you to the leader of the ranking – Fortnite from the legendary studio Epic Games, which gave the world the cult game Unreal and the Unreal Engine. It’s a game with a rather “childish” cartoon-like graphics but after a couple of fights, you no longer pay any attention to this. Fortnite was originally created to compete with PUBG, while the developers tried by all means to achieve a leading position. They’ve succeeded in this because several million people at the same time play this game. Fortnite has its drawbacks, but the huge community and crazy drive overlap all the shoals of developers.

The competition in the market is huge and in just a few months everything can change drastically.  Play only high-quality games and don’t forget to follow the rating updates.

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