The new approach of playing Bingo

Bingo has been around for many years and is played by many from young to old, it’s a fun and exciting game.

With technology and the popularity of app gaming, Bingo gaming apps have become very popular. Today, you can play Bingo online however, apps can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS via the Google Play and App Stores, meaning you can play them on the go on Google Pixel phones, iPhones, iPad and more! Mobile gaming has increased due to the cash returns, low cost of gaming, bonuses that are offered and game playing on the go.

This fun and entertaining app gaming experience has also developed thousands of Bingo apps that you can chose from to play for fun, or make some cash on the side.  It is very simple to download a Bingo app. All you need is a mobile device, fill out a simple form with your name, email and phone number. Some of these sites might require a credit card, but most of these will not. If bingo is not your thing you can always check out goldenslot.

Most popular Bingo game apps also include special features such as Coverall, Progressive Bingo, Diamond, Speed Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo and 4 Corners. These features are listed as:

Coverall is played by covering all the squares to win.
Progressive Bingo is liked by many because if there is no winner, the prize moves to the following game. Progressive Bingo is played just like Coverall with the difference being the prize will keep growing if there is no winner.
Diamond is a Bingo app game where you are required to make a shape by filling in the squares to form a Diamond to win.
Speed Bingo got its name because it can be played in half a minute with only 30 balls.
90 Ball Bingo is played with 90 balls and a ticket with 3 rows and 9 columns. To win you need to cover 1 or 2 rows or the entire ticket.
4 Corners is won by covering the four corners.

Overall the ability of being able to download Bingo apps on your mobile device and play one of the oldest and funnest games has many advantages. You are given points, bonuses and you can even win real cash money and prizes.

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