The New Social Network: How Sessia Have Changed The Game

If you haven’t heard of Sessia yet, then you might already be falling behind. Sessia is the world’s first social marketplace that allows both businesses and consumers to interact using nothing more than a smartphone. As an all-in-one e-commerce store and social platform, Sessia allows for:

  • Free advertising
  • Simple communication
  • Virtual ATS
  • An advanced system of reports and analytics
  • Smart-scanning tech

These, as well as a variety of additional business functions, means that Sessia is fast-becoming one of the most popular apps on Android and iOS. By eradicating the need for unnecessary intermediaries like marketers and third-party social media platforms, Sessia is leveraging the top tech trends of the digital age.

Direct Contact

Sessia is unique in terms of software because it allows businesses to establish immediate direct contact with clients. It does this by using blockchain technology, something that most people only think of when discussing cryptocurrency. Blockchain is far more than a tool for gathering Bitcoin. It is a secure technology, and the best blockchain for business will boost security and provide some major advantages to businesses.

Advertising Benefits

When it comes to advertising, Sessia is able to offer a whole new approach. Brands are able to directly communicate one-on-one with consumers, meaning that they are able to avoid costly marketing campaigns and the scattershot approach of social media marketing. With a cashback system included, consumers are quickly recognizing the benefits of Sessia.

Digital Disruption

One of the reasons why Sessia is proving so popular is that it avoids the intrusiveness of social media platforms and offers a decentralized platform that allows for more streamlined communications. Sessia itself takes no active role, unlike social platforms like Facebook. By integrating the social and the commercial, Sessia is able to charge very little in terms of transaction fees, and yet it comes with a wide array of tools that can aid both businesses and consumers. These include:

  • Access to a social community
  • Easy e-commerce setup
  • App-wide accessibility without restriction
  • Easy to make purchases
  • Cashback system for consumers (including cashback when your online contacts make the same purchase)

There’s no disputing that social media has unprecedented levels of popularity and use. However, with growing concerns over privacy and data use, many users are looking for an alternative. By combining e-commerce and social networking, new users will be quick to adapt to the change in platform and reap the benefits that Sessia provides.

Consumer Retention

Cashback is a major draw of Sessia, and one of the main reasons why it is becoming so popular so quickly. Brands are able to use pre-installed cashback systems, where consumers are able to earn a reward every time they make a purchase. However, they also get a reward when a contact makes a purchase, and that can entirely negate outdated marketing methods like social media micro-influencers. Every time someone buys a product through Sessia, that purchase is logged, and contacts are able to see the transaction. If they then go on to buy the same product, the original buyer gets that reward. This commission based form of marketing is proving to be beneficial for both businesses and the consumers that use them.

While Sessia is the first digital platform to offer unique cash back options for every purchase, that’s not the sole reason why it is becoming the next big thing. The combination of social media and e-commerce is proving to be a challenge for big brands and platforms, but Sessia has intertwined the two almost seamlessly.

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