Your Complete Guide to Gaming PC Financing

Want to finance your gaming PC build? Build your ideal rig and learn everything you need to know with this guide to gaming PC financing.

Getting the full PC gaming experience isn’t cheap. The machines that you can get for around $500 can play games, sure. But definitely not at Ultra settings. This is where expensive rigs come in.

Playing games at their graphical best comes at the cost of rigs that are over 1000 dollars. Paying this kind of money up front is no joke. Luckily, for you, we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to know if you want to finance your gaming PC build.

With this guide, you’ll find out how to build your ideal rig and everything you need to know about gaming PC financing.

Building a PC: Parts

You need to identify the best parts to help you build your rig.

Processor (CPU)

The Central Processing Unit is your PC’s brain. It converts your instructions into actions that the computer can perform.  It also provides instructions to other parts of the build on how to work together to achieve the desired result.

It’s the most important part of any PC. As such, there is a wide variety of them available, and at many prices. The two main manufacturers that have cornered the market are AMD and Intel.

However, just because there are only two brands doesn’t mean that they don’t have dozens of product choices between them. If you’re looking to make a high-end rig, you’ll probably need a 9th generation i5/i7 from Intel. From AMD, the best choice is a Ryzen or a Threadripper.


CPUs work hard, and this creates a lot of heat. Heat gets in the way of optimal performance for your system. This is why you may need a cooling system that’s a little more powerful than the one that comes with your CPU.

Cooling solutions range from complex liquid cooling systems to fans and heatsinks. The process of installing the solution varies from type to type and also brand to brand. This guide can provide more information on cooling.

The Motherboard

This is the circuit board connecting all of the components of your PC. There are tons of options, ranging from simple, cheap ones to complex, expensive ones.

The type you’ll need depends on the type of CPU you have. Factors you’ll need to consider are connectivity, CPU overclocking capabilities, and lighting.


The graphics processing unit is a component that will heavily impact your experience when gaming. This unit allows your PC to perform the graphics calculations that make the game look so good. Even if your PC has integrated graphics – most do – this additional unit is what will put your graphics over the top.

The two main brands for this part are AMD and Nvidia. This breakdown can give you a better idea of which type to get. The GPU may end up being the most expensive component you buy if you’re looking to get into high-resolution gaming.


Your PC’s Random Access Memory (RAM) is basically its short-term memory. Here, data that you use often is kept easily accessible.

The more RAM you have, the better. It enables a smoother gaming experience. Most gaming systems have 16 to 32GB RAM.


This is where all your data is kept, including your OS, files, and games. In the past, hard disk drives were the name of the game, but now, solid state drives (SSDs) are gaining popularity. They’re quieter, faster, and more durable. But they’re also more expensive. Making the right storage choice can be difficult based on whether you want it to be portable, the size, and your budget.


Cases hold all your parts and can be the most outwardly showy parts of the gaming PC. They are extremely customizable and have a general design that can fit the same general components. For the most part, size is what matters when choosing a case, unless you’re looking to install custom cooling solutions.


All your hard work finding PC parts deals won’t matter if you can’t see the results. Monitors allow you to see all the high resolution and frame rates that you were going for. 2540×1440 monitors or 4k monitors are the best options. Make sure to keep an eye out for the refresh rate as well, which should be 144 to 240 Hz for a high-end experience.

Other Parts

Other parts you’ll need are the Power Supply Unit, keyboard, mouse among other peripherals.

Gaming PC Financing

So now that you know all the parts that you’ll need to buy, what are the best gaming PC deals?

Well, with an ever-growing gaming industry and community, companies have finally realized that it’s in their best interests to help finance gaming PCs. It’s currently the best time to buy computer parts because all-in-one financing options for your rig are finally here. These vary from deals that let you slowly pay off an entire assembled build to deals on a collection of parts

All-in-One Financing

Many companies are now offering financing options for entire rigs or gaming systems. The best option is to take personal loans that you can repay in easy installments. Many big companies offer you a financing option. Most are a little less flexible.

For instance, Origin only lets you pay over 36 months. The others only allow you to pay in 5 installments. In addition to the restrictive number of installments, it only allows specific types of users access to this option. You must live in the US, have a credit card linked to your account, a good payment history, and have an account over a year old.

Gaming PC Financing

These financing options are not as good a deal as you’re likely to get with companies like Bonsai. However, the main advantage is that this financing applies to single parts as well as the whole system.

This means that you can go hunting for individual parts to make your own custom rig. From RAM to monitors, we can help you have it all through our elaborate gaming PC financing.

Are you interested in more buyers’ guides? Check out our website for more computer financing options.

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