4 IT Tools Your Business Needs to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything to be a success in business, regardless of the industry you serve. If you can’t build relationships and keep your customers happy – they’re just going to shop with another competitor who will. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve customer experience and provide your customers with everything they need – have a look at some of the below tools that will help you do exactly that.

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1.      Live Chat Support

It doesn’t matter if you have your own in-house agents, or you’re using an external company like Humach to handle your live chat support needs – it’s one of the most basic tools you’ll need to ensure your business stays competitive. A good live chat support system makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you and, better yet, it helps you improve efficiency in the support areas of your business – it’s a win/win for all parties.

2.      In-House Servers

Running in-house servers come at a price. Not only will you need to invest in hardware to operate the servers, but you’ll need to constantly manage them. This might require an in-house IT professional and that means another wage to pay. You also need to pay for running costs in terms of electricity. However, should you have servers up and running within your business premises, you’ll find that managing customer data and having powerful hardware by your side to keep your business operating smoothly online could be exactly what it takes to improve customer service. With a server or two in-house, you’ll also be able to install all the tools you feel necessary to keep customer experience good.

3.      Several Handheld Devices

Sitting at the computer desk is no longer required to provide support to your customers or operate any business operations for that matter. With the advanced technology and handheld devices available, you can now do everything you need to remotely. This could boost efficiency once more and, more importantly; it gives you a chance to monitor your business wherever you are. This will only help improve customer service, so your customers aren’t left waiting for hours for a response just because you’re stuck on the tube.

4.      Multiple Computer Monitors

It’s been possible to connect several monitors to the same computer for years now, but it’s something a lot of small business owners overlook. If it’s possible to do all those repetitive computer tasks in half the time, it means you have more time concentrating on what really matters – your customers. Multiple monitors can enable you to have multiple files/windows/tabs open – giving you a chance to look at multiple pieces of information at the same time. It could prove to be an expensive addition to the office but, what it provides in terms of improved efficiency, it could be a cost worth swallowing.

Of course, there are so many tools out there that can help you improve customer experience – it just takes a bit of research to find them. The above tools, however, will end up becoming some of the most important tools you’ll implement – if you can keep the customer experience at an all-time high, you’ll find it very easy to attract new custom.

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