How the internet has impacted businesses

Technology has had a significant impact on business operations and new online resources have undoubtedly benefited the ways that businesses operate – from enhanced communications and customer experience, to improved training and network security. Here are some of the key ways that the internet has impacted businesses.

High-quality online training

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to take time off work to attend lengthy, far-away training courses. The internet now provides a huge range of fully accredited online courses. This means that people are able to enhance their professional development from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace. For example, offers a fantastic selection of online financial training courses which can benefit people working within a variety of different industries including – business, finance, and management.

Enhanced network security

Most modern businesses store a huge amount of valuable and sensitive information online. All businesses, regardless of their size or industry, are vulnerable to cyber security threats. A network security breach can prove extremely costly to any business, both in terms of loss of productivity and revenue. It is therefore important for businesses to have procedures in place to minimise the risk of security breaches. Fortunately, there is now plenty of software available to enhance network security and keep data secure. For example, storing information on the cloud means that businesses are able to simply delete any sensitive information remotely in the event of a security breach. This is far more secure than storing information on physical services.

Opportunities for collaboration

Modern online software, like cloud services and instant messaging tools, allow for better team collaboration within the workplace. With this new software, staff are able to communicate, share, edit, and review documents online at anytime, from anywhere. Cloud services allow staff to make updates in real time and gives them full visibility of their collaborations. While instant messaging allows instant communication between team members, meaning queries can be dealt with swiftly. This all helps to improve team performance and allows businesses to operate more efficiently. The internet has also made it far easier for businesses to connect with similar organizations within their industry. This enhances opportunities for collaborations between businesses.

Reduced running costs

Modern software can be used to reduce the workload on employees by automating certain daily tasks. This minimizes the amount of hours spent on manual effort, allowing business owners and staff to focus on other key areas within the business. Machines are also less prone to mistakes, so having daily tasks completed by software programs is an effective way to reduce human-error and other related issues. New software can, therefore, be utilized to reduce running costs and improve productivity within businesses.

Online marketing

The internet has completely changed how businesses market and advertise their brands. Businesses now have the opportunity to design marketing strategies across a wide range of media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be utilized to build brand awareness, connect with the target audience, and generate sales. Businesses are also able to reach consumers over a much larger geographical area. The internet makes it possible for all businesses, regardless of their size, to reach a world-wide audience. Click here for some of the top tips on how businesses can improve their social media marketing.

Improved market research

The internet presents fantastic opportunities for businesses to carry out market research and find new ways to improve and grow their services. A business can also research similar companies to assess the competition and see what products and services are currently offered in their industry. This allows business owners to search for a niche in the market and expand their services to offer something unique that their competition cannot provide. If a business is looking to relocate or expand into a new location, the internet can also be used to research the area including its population and its buyer trends. This information can be used to help determine what products and services would sell best in that particular area.

Enhanced customer service

The quicker a customer’s complaint or query is resolved, the more satisfied that customer will be. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow instant communication between consumers and businesses. This provides companies with the opportunity to interact with customers on a more personable level, provide a higher level of customer service, and stand out from the competition. A good customer experience is vital to the brand reputation and success of a company. If customers are not happy with the service they receive, they are likely to stop buying from that business and will not recommend the company to other people. On the other hand, if potential customers can see that a business is actively communicating with people online, dealing with any issues swiftly, and receiving positive reviews, then they are far more likely to choose that particular business over the competition.

Varied recruitment strategies

The internet has opened up far more opportunities when it comes to recruitment. In particular, new technology has completely changed how employers find potential candidates. According to – “One of the best recruiting tools of 2019 will be AI to automate screening because it helps solve a major challenge for recruiters: too much volume.” Candidate screening tools help recruiters manage the huge flow of resumes they receive daily. This helps make recruitment efforts more efficient and far less time-consuming. The internet also means that businesses can look for the best candidates all over the world. Recruiters can scan job boards and professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, for highly-skilled candidates and then contact them directly about job opportunities.

Final thought

There is no doubt that the internet has had a significant impact on the way that modern businesses operate. Technology has an important effect on businesses operations and new online resources present huge improvements in the ways that businesses communicate with customers, organizations, and between team members. Online marketing has revolutionized the way that businesses connect with their customers and now makes it possible for all businesses to advertise their products and services to a worldwide audience.

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