What to Keep in Mind When Hosting Your PBNs

When you host a website, you are essentially publishing it on the internet so that any user can have access to any of the information that is contained on your site, they can have the option of interacting with it, whether it be to leave you a message or whether it be to purchase one of your products. As a service provider, it is essential that your website remains online and does not have any times when it is offline and users cannot access it, that would not be good for business. Speed is important too as you want your users to be able to quickly move from page to page.

There are different types of hosting options available which you can look into depending on your needs, for example you could choose to have shared hosting which arguably would be your starting option, VPS or Virtual Private Server, Dedicated or Cloud Hosting.

If you are planning to build a PBN or private blog network, hosting your network will be a big part of your task and if the hosting element is not set up properly, you could be faced with damage to your entire network. So finding an affordable hosting for PBNs is essential if you want to be successful. Your network of sites should be hosted in a way so as not to be penalised by the search engines and poor hosting decisions can represent the end of your entire PBN network so care has to be taken to do this properly. So what is important for you to consider,

  • An IP address identifies your device online and so all of your websites should not use the same address, that would be a bit of a giveaway. IP addresses should be entirely unique.
  • Backlinks should be random and appearing from different, random locations from all over the world.
  • The servers that you choose to host on should be hosting thousands of other perfectly ordinary and legitimate websites, so as not to draw attention and suspicion to yours, you should not be using your own private server for this purpose.
  • You could also have different internet service providers (ISPs) to further isolate your network.

A PBN network is an expensive and time consuming project to set up and after the entire set up where you will have been involved in choosing domains, themes, content and graphics, you do not want to be caught out by using improper or ill thought out hosting solutions. Your PBNs have to look entirely natural. You could of course organise the management of your network through individual hosting providers but that would take a huge amount of commitment and even skill to keep on top of everything and then there is the management of the payments too.

An alternative of course would be to choose to use a company who could help you with the process of building and hosting your entire PBN network and who would offer you support along the way, in effect saving you a huge amount of time, effort, staff training and in the long run, money.

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