The Immense Visibility of the Newest Roulette

Can an advanced roulette player beat the game? In the case of the newest attraction of Cammegh’s random rotor speed, the RRS wheel, it is possible to beat the game. This year Cammegh is celebrating its 30th anniversary in business and the company is increasing its focus on Asia and the United States. For now, Cammegh is being held in Europe, and it also increases its infrastructure at Ashford headquarters.

In the technological developments, the company is marketing for an HD screen for roulette, where it will display live videos and it will show the potential of 99 discrete screen layouts. Cammegh is also keeping its hand in their games, such as Roulette and Blackjack.

The Future Plans

Cammegh is developing a road map, whether it’s roulette or displays. During the course of 2019, the company will launch new products that are consistent with their core business and the space where they operate. Asia is going to be an important part of their focus.

Meanwhile, many operators and companies say that Japan will rival the gaming venues of Macao. For Cammegh, Japan is an exciting market opportunity, but it will happen after five years. The company knows that Japan is an emerging market. However, there is still a lot of unknowns. The company will make sure it is ready to enter Japan when they are clear with what is going on.

The Random Motor Speed was a concept the company started developing in 2006. In 2017 Cammegh launched the latest iteration of RRS as a concept in the manual roulette wheel. The RRS is similar to RNG (Random Number Generator) used for slots. This version has given answers to all of the issues that the previous model had. For now, the RRS is an important product with all the wearable technology. The next incoming products from Cammegh will be heavily focused into R&D (Research & Development) and they will be leaned into Cammegh’s core business: roulette wheels and displays.

At Ashford headquarters, Cammegh increased their capacity in mechanical engineering and the company will also bring more machines and equipments into the expanded space. The company would also like to have an office in the US, however for now there are some barriers.

Cammegh Display

In the last two years, the most dramatic change in terms of what the company offers, is the RRS and the operators perception of this technology, which is completely different. There was much questioning because there was a difference between the first roulette wheel launched and the third wheel.

Besides the RRS the Cammegh’s display, the billboard is another highly versatile product. The display can stream a live video and it can store up to 99 different screen layouts. Operators can customise the graphics and it can help with security by monitoring the rotor speed. In addition, the display also has indicators on the screen, in order to aid the operators.

The display’s graphics are pinsharp because Cammegh is using the very high-end panels. The department that is dedicated to the customisation of the graphics is always looking for new and exciting ways to present statistics, game results and other features. The display is also compatible with third-party systems, which is essential. Cammegh works with Angel Eye, BTech and Scientific Games in terms of integrating the displays for baccarat. The product is really complex, that excels in delivering game results to players.

Last Words

The roulette changes that Cammegh has taken is well-known. The company has gone into completely new areas of precision engineering, accuracy, scalability, the materials used, the various features in terms of data export. In addition, both electromechanical components in the product and innovation with the RRS is reliable. After 30 years, the roulette wheel is a different product from what it used to be. And now, the roulette wheel with RRS is serving a different market, compared to the marked of 30 years ago.

In terms of security, the awareness among those who are looking to take advantage of wearable technology, various clocking devices and cerebral wheel clockers, Cammeh has taken a new area where they can protect operators and the innovation of mechanical features like RRS.

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