Top 4 VPN Services for Windows 10 in 2019

If you take your internet privacy serious, you will definitely understand the importance of VPNs. Top Virtual Private Networks generally offer fast speeds, great security features, and most importantly-ease of use. The internet is filled with so much entertainment, that you should be restricted to access content from other countries of the world. Unblocking streaming services like Amazon Prime, and Netflix is very easy with any of the services that will be listed.

Windows 10 is a powerful Operating System that has a lot of issues concerning privacy. Elements that are made to help you personalise your experience like synchronization with Microsoft servers, and integrated advertising are variables for access to your private information. Microsoft clearly highlights that they can access your personal information in their privacy policy. Although you can switch off some of these trackers, some can refuse to be disable, or restarted after a system upgrade.

The only way to guarantee your online privacy is to install a VPN Software on your computer. With a VPN Software on your computer, you are guaranteed complete anonymity on the internet, and protection from unprotected public Wi-Fi networks.

Here are the best 5 VPN Services for Windows 10 in 2019:

AVG Secure VPN

Guaranteed privacy and secure connection bar restrictions, are the developers watchword. Designed to encrypt your internet connection to stop anyone spying on you, and unrestricted access to content from anywhere in the world, AVG VPN is your best bet. AVG Secure VPN offers you true privacy, high security, and unrestricted access. Protection from internet viruses, hackers and malware that can damage your computer is what AVG Secure VPN offers.With military grade encryption, no server will be able to tell your precise location.

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AVG Secure VPN has support for Windows 7, 8, and 10. it is developed by AVG technologies and requires 20 Megabyte free space on your drive to install. There is a trial version and a full version. AVG Secure VPN is a true gem for Internet security and privacy.


ExpressVPN is really easy to use, and will make the top 5 list for internet security for a while. With fast download speeds and an awesome peer to peer sharing capability, ExpressVPN is a top favourite among VPN Services in the market. It offers encryption that guarantees anonymity, and continuous security while you surf the internet. Now you can access content from foreign servers, as Express VPN has over 3000 servers in 160 locations.

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Even if you encounter any problem while using the app, there is a readily available customer support service to offer you guidance. The only downside to this app is that you can only connect 3 devices concurrently.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a reliable solution for your privacy needs in 2019. There are free trial versions as well as affordable paid plans. You can also purchase a lifetime license and be guaranteed of secure connection to the internet with constant upgrades for a long time. Hotspot Shield does not slow your connection to servers even as it offers you a powerful encryption. You can access content from multiple locations and connect up to 5 devices to one VPN Software.

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Although Hotspot Shield lacks in terms of location of its servers like AVG Secure VPN, it is one security software to look out for.


With CyberGhost installed on your computer, you can be rest assured that you will leave no trace as you surf the internet.You are offered so much advanced features and a wide support for torrents. CyberGhost may not have the most beautiful interface but the sheer amount of clients, it is the best VPN Service for 10 million users.

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CyberGhost stands out from the pack with its capability to launch the VPN Software when some types of apps are launched. There is a free version that has good features, but you can only use it on one computer.

Anyone of these services will guarantee you secure connection and complete privacy while you surf the internet.  If we are to pick one for you to use, it will be AVG Secure VPN due to its awesome features .

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