5 Types of iPhone Cases You Might Not Know Existed

We all love our iPhones. And when they end up damaged, shattered, or broken, we really feel the loss. Luckily, cases are there to minimize these risks.

Nowadays, iPhone cases come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and types. Cases today can fit all kinds of lifestyles and offer a lot of protection, depending on what you are looking for.

When purchasing a new case, think about where you use your phone most often – in home, at the park, or somewhere like the beach? Also, consider where you intend to store your phone when it is not in use. If you are planning to keep it in your pocket most of the time, a big, bulky case may not be the most ideal. Meanwhile, a wallet case is perfect if you keep your phone in a purse or bag.

Still not sure which type of case is best for your lifestyle? Read on, and we’ll walk you through 5 of the most popular types of iPhone cases that could change your life.


If you are someone who is tired of having to remember to take your phone, wallet, and keys with you every time they leave the house, why not condense?

Wallet iPhone cases from Casely are genuine leather with a wallet attachment on the back. Cases like these allow you to keep your cash, cards, ID, and photos by your side at all times.


Looking for a case with the utmost protection? A rugged one is for you. Thanks to the inclusion of air pockets and reinforced corners, rugged cases severely decrease the chances of your phone breaking from a drop. Unfortunately, these additions are harder to fit in small spaces.

These are also usually easy to grip, even if your hands are wet. But that can also make it harder to slide the phone in and out of your pocket. Plus, because these cases are so protective, they can make pressing lock buttons and adjusting volume cumbersome.


Tough cases are a great compromise between a slim and rugged case. They provide you with a fair amount of protection without being as bulky and large as the rugged cases. Some of the best tough cases are made with silicone or rubber for the inner layer and a hard polycarbonate for the outer layer.


For many people, the iPhone is more than just a phone. It’s a piece of art. And the more you cover it up with layers of material, the more you are taking away from the beauty and design. Slim (or basic) cases are usually for aesthetic purposes, although they do provide some levels of protection.

Materials like silicone and rubber are going to provide you with the most protection. However, there are plenty of hard plastic cases that are also protective and come with really interesting designs. Just make sure that the case’s material covers the top edges of the glass on the front of the phone. This will help protect it from breaking if it should fall face down.


A charging case is ideal for people who are always running on 1%. These cases have a portable battery inside the material. Because of this, they are often bulky and big. A slimmer charging case means a slimmer and less powerful battery.

Ideally, the charging case you purchase will give power to the iPhone before the phone starts using its own battery supply. This way, you will have a fuller battery if you take the phone out of the case.

Be aware that although charging cases are bulky like rugged cases, they do not actually offer as much protection. This kind of trade-off is worth consideration when purchasing a new case.

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