The Online Apps To Help You With Offline Skills…

offline skills
We live our lives in an era where Google knows the answer. No matter what we need to know, all we need to do is pull our mobile out and we’ll have an answer within seconds.

It may well of killed the art of the pub debate, but our knowledge is broadening thanks to it, and fast.

However, there are a number of things we can use the internet and our PC for that won’t only broaden our knowledge, but help us with our offline skills too. From learning to drive to simply getting experience in a certain game or skill, the world wide web is the perfect playground to hone a craft.

We take a look at some of the best niches to pick up some experience online, to become a master of it off.

Flight Simulator

It’s many people’s dream to learn to fly and before you can even begin to learn, you have to spend hours upon hours in flight simulator mode.

They’ve been around for years and will generally help you get to grips with what’s inside a cockpit as well as decision making, and a general feel of how to fly a plane. Naturally, once the art is mastered online, you can’t simply jump straight into a plane, but it is a good learning ground.

Online Casino

Alternatively, one thing you can master online and take directly off, is becoming a winner in the online casinos. Visiting offline without any practice can often be daunting so it’s well worth taking advantage of some no deposit free spins ahead of a trip to Vegas, or even just your local casino.

Online casinos are becoming more and more realistic, so you can directly experience the pressures of a card table, roulette wheel or slot machine from your mobile phone or PC.

Architectural Design

For all budding architects, plenty of time using architect and design software is key to learning your trade. There are dozens of great pieces of software on the market helping everyone from beginners to the more advanced.

It’ll help you enhance your craft, learn the trade inside out and essentially become comfortable using the software because if you took a career in that field, you’d spend most of your time on it too.

Alternatively, you can download the likes of Google Sketchup and just have a play around and enjoy it as a new found hobby.

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