IP Blacklist Database

The so-called spambots appear to be real pain in the ass for website and forum moderators. The main difficulty is in an inability to eliminate them completely because they can create infinite number of accounts and send messages they were programmed to send. In most cases, these messages are of an unsolicited nature, promoting something or even gathering users’ data. For example, email spam bots harvest email addresses and create a list that they use to send spam to. These lists are very often used by various organizations with the aim of promoting their goods or services. Important to note that frequently people who order goods and services from such unreliable sources are left with low-quality product or no product and no money at all.

Protect Users from Fraud

The primary task of any web host is to make sure its users are not subjected to bots’ manipulations. These can be promotion of goods and services, or phishing. Spambots are programmed to easily pass security checks, which allows them to function on the website or forum merely like any other user. In case of any suspicious activities going on, website operator has to open IP blacklist database and check if the IP under consideration is in the list. It can also be performed in the following way:

  1. Figure out an account, the activity of which differs from activity patterns of most users.
  2. Check if the messages are repetitive, if there are too many of them.
  3. Complete the check by searching IP or email address in IP blacklist database.

Surely, if the website or forum is too big and has thousands of active users on a regular basis, the tracking of suspicious accounts may be a real challenge. In this case, special anti-spam services can become a solution. As a rule, they provide a website, a blog, or a forum with a non-stop monitoring and scanning for uncovering spambots and spam messages. If your website is protected with such service you can be sure that no spam and spambots will be found in:

  • Users’ messages and comments.
  • Web-forms.
  • Following accounts.
  • List of users and contacts.

Why to Make IP Blacklists Checks Regularly?

No matter whether it is a small blog or a website with thousands regular users, anti-spam checks should be regular. Spam, annoying CAPTCHAs and suspicious messages can undermine the credibility of information presented on the website, and decrease its popularity among users. Finally, it is all about security. There is rarely something good hidden in data promoted through spamming. In most cases, users are given information about unreliable and unsolicited products and services, or, even, indirect requests to provide their personal data. Therefore, spam is not merely an undesirable and annoying activity on any web space but can also lead to unpleasant and dangerous occurrences that may happen to users.

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