The Skills Needed by Online Gamers

What Makes Online Gamers Good at What They Do?

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Different strokes for different folks! Every online game has a unique appeal for players. Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of games: skill-based games, and chance-based games. Fortunately, there is more variety than you can shake a stick at.

Games of chance cover the full spectrum, including online slots games, Casino apps, coin flips, craps et al. skill-based games include video poker, blackjack, backgammon, chess, strategy-based games and the like. Contrary to popular opinion, many games fall into a grey area – not quite skill-based games, and not entirely at the discretion of Lady Luck.

For example, Bingo Games, Slots Games and Roulette Games have a definite skill-based element in play at all times. The number of bingo cards you pick, the size of your bankroll, the potential payout, the time of the day/night that you play, and the bingo room you have selected, will all play a part in determining how much your potential payouts are.

If you choose to play the optimal number of cards at the best price, when there are minimal players competing, you can maximize your potential outcomes. This is the strategy-based component of skill-based play in 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo and even progressive jackpot bingo games.

Chance-based Games with a Skill-based Element

Players who use an element of skill and planning in chance-based games will benefit greatly over those who don’t. For example, players who manage their bankroll effectively are more likely to be able to play multiple gaming sessions, and increase their potential winnings through the law of averages. The more you play, the greater the likelihood that you will win. Much the same is true of slot machine games.

For example, slot players can boost their winning chances by picking games with player-friendly payouts. There are slot games with high RTPs, and slots games with low RTPs. Careful analysis can determine which games are player friendly before allocating a budget to slots sessions. On the topic of slots, the skills and attributes that will help to maximize your winning chances include the following:

  • Discipline – always set a bankroll and stick to it
  • Practice in demo-play mode before you play for real
  • Read the Rules and understand the payouts on all slot machine games you play
  • Never play slots games on tilt (avoid emotional-based play) and never chase your losses.

It’s interesting to point out that the skills and characteristics of online gamers are directly related to how they choose to play their games. Successful slots players, card game players, bingo players and video gamers all subscribe to the same practices. They know how to pace themselves for their gaming sessions, they take regular breaks, they eat the right foods to keep them active & alert, and they read up about the games as much as possible before going in for the proverbial kill.

Do Video Gamers Have Different Skills to Casino Players?

The skills and attributes required by video gamers are different to those used by casino players. For example, shoot and kill-style video games require multiplayer functionality, coordination with in-game narratives and cues, dexterity, and an understanding of a complex and moving landscape. Most casino games feature static backgrounds and limited functionality on the screen.

The singular focus of a casino game is what is directly in front of the player. This could be the next bingo number to be called out, the result of a slots spin, a roulette wheel about to reveal the winning number, or the next card to be dealt in a game of Blackjack or Baccarat. Casino games are focused, with a limited number of variables to confuse the player. Therefore, players are not required to sharpen their mental acuity to such a high degree.

Top Card Players Have Incredible Powers of Concentration

Poker players and blackjack players have incredibly sharp memories. They have learned the art of reading player tells, understanding which cards have been dealt, and which cards remain in the deck. This heightened sense of awareness is central to success in card games. The most astute blackjack players have formulated winning strategies over time. That they consistently manage to beat the house by whittling away the house edge through strategic gameplay is important.

They have fine-tuned their skills to perfection. Intense concentration and focus, effective bankroll management, and a cool disposition are essential to any strategy-based game. The decision to hit, stand, double, split or take insurance in blackjack is sacrosanct. Blackjack strategy charts, odds calculators and precision playing techniques can greatly assist players during their sessions.

Real World Applications of Video Games

Video gamers are associated with many unique skills. These include problem-solving abilities, highly attuned cognitive skills, spatial recognition, hand eye coordination, speed and dexterity, and deep reading skills. Many organizations use video training and simulation-style techniques to inculcate their employees with the right skill set.

Flight simulators for pilots, video gaming for military personnel, space training with NASA etc. These all rely on video games and the virtual reality environment they create. Various video game consoles also involve physical movement, which can be beneficial to children, the elderly and the infirm in need of therapy, or rehabilitation.

The Nintendo Wii for example has many real-world applications designed solely for this purpose. Overall, there are no limits to the types of skills and characteristics that video gamers and traditional online gamers can employ. Social awareness can be enhanced and fine-tuned through online gaming.

Traditionally introverted individuals can learn to be more socially active through multiplayer functionality. Online gaming and the Internet of things is fast transforming the online landscape. As such, there is an ever-evolving skill set at play.

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