Crypto and Video Games – A Gamers Paradise

For fans of first-person “shoot-em up’s,” WAR FIELD unveiled a market first to the gaming community earlier in July. The company states in their recent press release that their new game is the first platform to accept and award cryptocurrency as a means of payment for in-game upgrades and trading with other players.

Online players of the game use an Ethereum-based virtual token, “Golder,” and ERC-20-compliant crypto coin to bet on their character’s life-force.

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Living a Gamers Dream Life

Monetizing gameplay is no innovation, companies have used in-game purchase apps for years. Traditional models for in-game purchases include anything from new skins to weapons, characters, and clothing. However, the team at WAR FIELD state that their new crypto platform does far more than allow gamers to upgrade their virtual characters.

WAR FIELD management team states that their model helps gamers earn a little extra cash on the side while enjoying their favorite first-person shooter. WAR FIELD chief executive, Andrius Mironovskis, says that their blockchain-driven game is secure on all networks and offers exciting, fast-paced gameplay while providing a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Players have the opportunity to win cryptocurrency, known as Golder (GLDR). Gamers can withdraw it from their game wallet and transfer it to a crypto exchange. The WAR FIELD team decided on a first-person shooter platform for the game, as these games have a substantial share of the $100-billion market. The company has plans to expand GLDR into other games released in the future, thereby creating the first gamer-driven crypto-community.

How it Works

The shooter rules of WAR FIELD require players to compete in head-to-head deathmatches, with the winners collecting GLDR from the loser in the wake of their victory. The gameplay is fast and captivating, with round robin tournaments featuring multi-player capability. In WAR FIELD, any player of any rank can compete for Golder and win cryptocurrency.

A Bright Future for WAR FIELD

The company has grand aspirations for the game. Developers intend to release new battlegrounds featuring Area 51, amusement parks, and an island. WAR FIELD’s chief executive acknowledged the rise of mobile gaming, stating that the company is hard at work creating mobile versions of the game supported on Android and iOS.

The company has enormous ambitions for WAR FIELD in the console market and expect that the game will eventually come to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation as well. With deadlines for these projects set toward the end of 2018 and mid-next year respectively, the team at WAR FIELD have their work cut out for them.

The First Gamer ICO

The company will promote the sale of Golder (GLDR) through a crowded sale, also known as an “Initial Coin Offering.” The ICO launched on June 28, 2018, and will end on November 15, 2018. As with other crypto tokens, GLDR will not feature “mining,” all of the coins will be available from launch, with gamers able to purchase as much of the currency as they choose to.

During the ICO, WAR FIELD is offering a substantial 60% discount on all token purchases, so make sure you get in early on what is positioned to be the hottest gaming trends of the year.

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