The rising influence of computer technology

The world that we live in has been partial to many sweeping innovations, many revolutionary iterations, in its time. From the stone age (and even earlier) to today, there have been many eras that have come and gone. The era that we currently, exist in (the digital age) is perhaps the most impressive to date. It has transformed every aspect of life as we know it, every pillar of society around the world. In education, it is the introduction of online learning and EdTech. In healthcare, science, and business, it is the evolution of automation and digital platforms. In the automotive world, it is the first roll-outs of the first semi-autonomous vehicles. In security and writing, and in the arts, it is all about going digital. There are some innovations in this digital age, and leading up to it, that have changed the entire world and our way of life. One of them is the invention of the computer.

Digitalisation begins its scope of impact

We are familiar with technologies and feats of digitalisation. We are now at the point where we have been dealing with them for many decades now. When digitalisation first took hold of Earth, however, we were unfamiliar, unsteady on our feet and (for the most part) unsure of where to step next. Technological advancement was not yet a mainstream innovation in every sense of the world, but a relative niche carefully navigating the road from then to now. The computer was one of the first inventions that changed the entire world in an incredibly small amount of time, from data storage to communication technology. Once the first computers took off, the tech continued to propel itself onward, forward, and upward – even now, it still does. It likely always will.

From gigantic to compact

The first computers were monumentally gigantic in size, taking up entire rooms. And their capability was, compared to the ability of today’s computer devices, somewhat lacklustre. However, at the time, it is important for us to remember that these supercomputers were innovators, revolutionary marvels that changed the world forever. Now thought of as the humble beginnings of computer technology, in their day the first supercomputers were sparks of revolution, life-changing concepts brought to vivid life. Today, computers are compact. They fit in our bags and they can be entirely wireless constantly, save for when they require a charge up.

The rising impact of computer technology

Today, advanced technological innovation and rapid digitalisation have resulted in ever-enhancing computer technology. It is a new world for computer tech, and the world is becoming more digitally-inclined every other day, thus relying more and more heavily on the technology that powers and keeps computers and laptops running cohesively and smartly. The world that we live in is a stark contrast to the one that existed even fifty years ago, and computer technology is one of the key driving contributors from here into the future. A life-changing marvel in its initial stages, not much has changed in that regard.

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