The Science Behind Online Casino Games: How Do They Work?

When you sit down to play your favorite games at an online casino, there may be little thought devoted to what is going on behind the scenes. Online virtual casinos depend upon technology for the delivery of games like blackjack, slots, and video poker. There is a science required which seeks to mimic the random results of actual live casino games.

You might be surprised to discover that the technology behind online casino games is very smooth. It faithfully replicates the built-in house edge that is a crucial element of all casino games. Here is a closer look at how the virtual games at your preferred online casino work.

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Random Number Generators and Online Casino Games

The best live casinos in Japan, Europe, and even the United States depend upon complex game software. Think about all the elements that are required to produce a virtual slot machine. The game has to be coded to display on various devices, and the graphics have to be appealing. Game play must be smooth.

How a game looks and plays is only part of the equation. The game also has to be profitable for the casino. This means that the house edge which is present in a live casino must also be present online.

In the earliest days of online casinos, operators experimented with different ways to guarantee a profit while being fair to the player. The only reliable way was to create a way to produce random results to games, just as it happens in a live casino.

When you spin the wheels on a physical slot machine, the results are randomized. Keeping a randomness to the game preserves the house edge while delivering consistent payouts in accordance with casino payback schedules. This is most convenient because there is no need for the casino to manipulate anything.

A random number generator is at the heart of most online casino games. This is an algorithm that is tasked with a random determination of which symbols will appear on the slot reels, or which number will come up next on the dice.

By using a random number generator, a casino is able to establish its payback at a certain amount and stick to it. There is no need for constant examination when the randomness of game results is guaranteed.

Staying True to the Original Live Casino Games

Live casino games are chosen because of random outcomes. Take blackjack as an example. When the standard rules of blackjack are in effect, all the casino needs to do is deal cards from a randomized shoe. If the cards are properly shuffled and dealt, a random result is assured. A random result guarantees the casino a profit in the long term.

In online blackjack the casino stays true to the successful live model. The rules are kept in place, and the software’s random number generator takes care of the rest. The results that appear on the screen in the form of the cards being dealt are all being determined randomly.

And so it goes with all other virtual online casino games. This includes slots, craps, roulette, and baccarat. If the casino were to adopt any other model, there is no way to guarantee fairness to the player. In fact, many online casinos have now chosen to adopt a provably fair model of casino gaming.

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The Provably Fair Online Casino Model

In the provably fair model, an online casino makes its random number generator algorithm available for examination to regulators and other interested parties. Even players at the casino could examine the results if they chose to do so.

In addition, the results of games are kept for a longer period of time. Those who wish to do so can go back and look at the results of previous games and compare them with the random number generator algorithm. This comparison can be used to demonstrate the randomness of results.

The advantage for an online casino in using a provably fair gaming model is more transparency and trust with casino patrons. Players who can observe results are more likely to believe that they are being treated fairly.

Reputable Software Developers

Most online casinos today have partnered with the most reputable online casino developers in the industry. These providers include Microgaming, Real Time Gaming (RTG), and NetEnt. A small number of casino game developers serve the majority of gaming venues. This is because the leading software developers have created reputations for integrity.

Online casino software developers use teams of talented coders, designers, and casino industry experts. Many executives that work for casino software providers today have extensive work histories with live casinos. They are able to apply their knowledge of how live casino games work to the online environment.

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The priority for software providers is to create an authentic replication of live casino games. The more faithful the creation, the more fair and profitable the game will be. In an industry where accusations of unfairness can put an online casino out of business, legitimacy reigns supreme.

The beauty of this is that casinos do not have to cheat their patrons. All they need to do is provide realistic games from the top software providers to achieve the desired results.

As an online casino player, you have the right to know that you are being treated fairly. Some players automatically assume that they have been cheated when they lose. This is rarely the case. You will be less likely to feel this way when you educate yourself about how online casino games work.

Don’t be afraid to ask your favorite online casino which developers they use for their assortment of games. You can also ask about the casino’s use of the provably fair model of gaming and how games use a random number generator. A casino that is unwilling to answer any of these questions is one that you may want to avoid. Legitimate online casinos should have no problem being transparent.