The Void Left by Traditional Sports is Filled by Esports and Streamers

Due to the novel Coronavirus, almost all sports events around the world are suspended, delayed, or even canceled. A void left by traditional sports is being filled by esports and streamers.

Over the past decade, esports has been rapidly rising, and now, an unasked-for opportunity is here to broaden their audiences by showcasing competitions to consumers that prefer watching traditional sports like football, basketball, or others.

All schools are shutting down, and people are always on their phones and PCs. This void gives a unique opportunity to content creators and streamers to broadcast themselves with an increased amount of viewers.

Esports has always been about the broadcast, and never about the live events. The League of Legends World Championship in China had about 40,000 viewers in the National Stadium, but 100 million people from their homes followed the event. These are the people that are fueling the esports ecosystem.

Because people are staying home, there was an almost 20% increase in viewership from China alone. The ESL Pro League, which is a Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament, reported 146,000 viewers on its first day, a 27% increase from the 115,000 a year ago.

People run out of things to watch on Netflix, and then they surf the internet to find stuff to entertain themselves. This is a massive opportunity for YouTube Games, Twitch, Mixer, and other streaming companies to get new viewers, fans, and customers.

Some people are drawn to esports by watching those games played, and then they decide to try out the game themselves. That’s why we are seeing record breaking numbers these days.


Counter-Strike is one of the most popular games in the world. Although it’s dating back to the start of the millennium, the latest version, Global Offensive is crushing records. Almost one million gamers played the game on February 29th at the same time.

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In conclusion, all of these things, esports, gaming, gambling, CS:GO case opening is at its peak at the moment. We are grateful for all the streamers, content producers, and website owners who are keeping us busy, entertained, and keeping our mind off of the Coronavirus.

Stay home guys!

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