Thermaltake A700 TG Full Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts

I’ve always been a fan of massively large cases, sadly we don’t see as many of them these days. Luckily Thermaltake is still giving enthusiasts these massive cases to build some pretty incredible systems. With the A700 TG Thermaltake makes use of aluminum, steel and tempered glass and I think it works really well. While we would have liked to have seen an all aluminum body, we can see why they went with steel. The side panels are tempered glass, but not just any tempered glass, 5mm-thick tempered glass. The aluminum pieces on this case are the top and front and they really set the case off.

Being such a massive case you have quite a lot of room inside for hardware. The A700 TG supports E-ATX motherboards, up to 7 3.5-inch hard drives or 11 2.5-inch drives, and some pretty impressive cooling options as well. In the front of the case you have room for radiators up to 420 mm and at the top you can fit a 360 mm. On top of those if you remove the two hard drive cages you can mount another 420 mm radiator on the right side of the case! Thermaltake even includes a mounting plate for a pump / reservoir with the case so you can really tell this case is geared towards people doing DIY watercooling builds.

Now we did notice a few things that were a little disappointing with this case. First there are only two 120 mm fans included with the case. Being such a large case we expected to see at least 1 more fan included. The case allows you to mount your graphics cards vertically, but the ribbon cable needed for this is also not included. I also feel like the inside of the case is messy. The two hard drive cages are just kind of sitting there and the power supply cover only extends half of the case. I know that the whole idea is that these elements are modular, but again they are sort of just there. We’ve seen other companies be able to support what the A700 TG does with a much cleaner layout.

At the end of the day this is a good case, but you really need to make sure you are going to take advantage of it to make it worth getting. Being priced at $349.99, the A700 TG is really targeting the enthusiast, someone who is doing a DIY watercooling build, a heavy storage build, or crazy gaming machine. If you are doing a build like we installed in the A700 TG I cannot recommend spending $349 on this case as Thermaltake offers many cases that are far more affordable. But if you are going to use the amount of cooling and storage space that this case offers and want a system that is going to look amazing the A700 TG might be for you. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake A700 TG Full Tower Case an 8 out of 10 score.

– Massively large
– Great mix of aluminum, steel, and tempered glass
– Room for 7 3.5-inch drives or 11 2.5-inch drives
– Lots of room for fans and DIY watercooling solutions
– Pump / reservoir mounting plate included
– Tempered glass panels easy to open and come completely off the chassis

– Price
– Internal layout is sort of a mess
– Only 2 fans included
– No ribbon cable included for vertical GPU mounting

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