Thermaltake Core P3 Chassis Review

One that that is great about the Core P3 chassis is that you actually have to put it together. This makes it like a project, so not only do you have to install the hardware you have to build the case as well. Sadly, the instructions that come with the case are pretty bad. From our understanding the installation instructions, just like the case are made overseas and not much though is put into them. Just like I said with the Core P5 I really wish Thermaltake would take some time and put a builders guide online showing you how to build in the Core P3.

The biggest thing with installation in the Core P3 is that you need to plan out your build. Install everything that is actually going to go on the inside first, then work your way to to the outside. Keep the back panel off the case until you have all of your cables routed etc. I would say installation should take an hour, if not more. It took me about that long and I have experience building in a case like this (Core P5). Check out the time-lapse below of my install of the case. For some reason it cut off after 45 minutes, but this shows installation up until I was doing my final cable routing. The last thing I had to do was put the back side panel on the chassis and install the acrylic panel.

Some notes about installation. Remember to install everything you need on the inside first. I really is a pain to go back and do it, also the chassis sits better with nothing installed on the outside. When you are installing your power supply the screw holes are labeled based on the length of your power supply, so be sure to know this number. If you need to install a fan controller or hub the best place is on the front of the case, but if you are like me and couldn’t find any double-sided tape you can easily mount a fan hub in one of the hard drive cages. You can also easily install a 240 mm AiO in the bottom two fan spots and still have room to show off an SSD in the top spot.

Thermaltake Core P3 Thermaltake Core P3

With everything installed we have a pretty nifty system, and one that you can show off! For those wondering the front part of the case features two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and HD-audio connections.

Thermaltake Core P3 Thermaltake Core P3

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