Thermaltake SMART Series 430W and 730W Power Supplies Review

Today we’ll be checking out two of the many options in Thermaltake new SMART series of PSU’s. These new PSU’s aren’t meant for hardcore builders, but rather the everyday Joe, looking for a cheap, reliable PSU that he can install and forget about for several years.  All of the PSU’s are 80PLUS efficient, include lengthy enough cables, and can support the latest hardware. Read on further to see our review of the 430W and 730W SMART Series power supplies.

Special thanks to Thermaltake for providing us with the Smart 430W and Smart 730W PSU’s to review.


  • Guaranteed to deliver 730W continuous output @ 40°C:(104F) operating environment. While most power supplies work well in optimal conditions Thermaltake ensures the SMART Series power supply can operate efficiently even in the higher temperatures found in the computer chassis.
  • Robust and dedicated +12V rail delivers up to 56A to ensure your components get the power they need whenever they demand it.
  • 80 PLUS® certified: with 82-86% efficiency allows the SMART Series power supply to deliver full power while also saving cost on your utility bill thanks to the high efficiency power design.
  • Double-forward switching circuitry offers low power loss and high reliability.
  • Active Power Factor Correction provides clean and reliable power to your system.
  • Ultra-silent operation with intelligent 12cm cooling fan with active speed control to ensure even under the heaviest load the SMART Series power supply will stay cool and stable.
  • Intel® & AMD multi core CPU compliant.
  • Nvidia® & ATI/AMD graphics card compatible.
  • Dimension: 150mm (W) x86mm (H) x140mm (L).
  • Built in industrial-grade protections: Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Power and Short-Circuit protections ensures that your components have many safeguards against possible power problems that could otherwise damage your expensive hardware.
  • Safety / EMI: TUV, CE, UL, FCC, BSMI.


– Wattage 730 watts
– Fan 120mm Fan

2000 RPM ± 10%

– Efficiency 80%+
– PFC Active PFC
– Hold-Up Time 16ms at 70% Load @ 230 VAC 50Hz input
– Switches ATX Logic on-off additional power rocker switch
– Motherboard Connectors 20+4-pin Main Connector
4+4-pin Power Connector
– Power Good Signal 100-500ms
– Form Factor ATX 12V 2.3
– Dimension 5.5 x 5.9 x 3.4 inch ( L x W x H )
140 x 150 x 86 mm ( L x W x H )
– Warranty 3 years
– Certifications 80PLUS Certified
– Input Voltage 100 VAC ~ 240 VAC
– Input Current 115VAC/10A Max. 230VAC/5A Max.
– Input Frequency Range 50 ~ 60 Hz
– Inrush Current
– Operating Range 100 VAC ~ 240 VAC
– MTBF 100,000
– Output Table
– Operating Temperature 10 ℃ to +40 ℃
– Storage Temperature -40 ℃ to +70 ℃
– Operating Humidity 20% to 85%,non-condensing
– Storage Humidity 5% to 95%,non-condensing
– Over Voltage Protection Yes
– Over Current Protection Yes
– Over Load Protection Yes
– Over Temperature Protection
– Under Voltage Protection
– Short Circuit Protection Yes

Both PSU packages are nearly identical, despite the obvious wattage difference. The packaging follows standard Thermaltake product coloring, including the red/black/orange scheme. On the front is an angled view of the PSU along with warranty and 80PLUS information. On the back of the box you’ll find some of the same information as well as efficiency over load and fan speed/noise level graphs, as well as the types of connectors on each.

Thermaltake SMART Series 430W and 730W Power Supplies

To give you an idea of how the Smart Series power supplies come check out our unboxing video of the 730W version.