Things to keep in mind when you buy a power bank

A power bank is one of the most useful accessories for electronic devices. When you have one you won’t have to worry about finding an outlet before your battery drains. It is perfect for trips, or time spent in the great outdoors.

However, if you are planning to buy one, there are numerous things that you should take into consideration. In these article we will provide a few tips that should help you.

The size

The size can be an important factor. Power banks that are too large can be inconvenient since you need to carry them with you. In most cases, the size is related to its capacity, so it is up to you if you are willing to carry a power bank that is pretty big.

Nevertheless, power banks should also have a size that is related to the size of the device that it charges. For example, if you are planning to charge your smartphone, the power bank should be able to fit in your pocket.  A laptop power bank should be bigger.

The capacity

As we mentioned before, the size and the capacity are usually connected. Therefore, it is important to know what is the capacity that you want for your power bank. If you only need it for one charge, then the capacity of the power bank does not have to be too big.

Additionally, the device you want to charge also determines the capacity. For a laptop you would need a power bank that has a capacity of at least 30.000 mAh, while for a smartphone it is enough 3.350 mAh.

To get a better idea here are the batteries for some smartphones: iPhone 6s – 1.715 mAh, iPhone 6s Plus – 2.750 mAh, iPhone 6 – 1.810 mAh, iPhone 6 Plus – 2.915 mAh, iPhone 5s – 1.570 mAh, iPhone 5 – 1.440 mAh, iPad Air 2 – 7.340 mAh, iPad Air – 8.827 mAh, iPad mini 4 – 5.124 mAh, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus – 3.000 mAh, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge – 2.600 mAh, Samsung Galaxy S6 – 2.550 mAh, Samsung Galaxy S5 – 2.800 mAh, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9,7 inch) – 5.870 mAh.

The amperage

Not many users are aware about the amperage (A) of power banks. The amperage is the one that tells you how fast your devise will be charged by the power bank. Therefore, the higher it is, the faster your device will charge.

Regular power banks have an amperage between 1 and 3.5. Make sure that you get a power bank that is tested since it can overload and damage your devices.

Now that you know where to look at when searching for a power bank, you are ready to buy one. Find one here or go look for one in the local shops, it is up to you. Just remember to analyze the product carefully and think twice before you make a decision.

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