Think computers reveal How to find the best online casino welcome bonuses?

The fastest way to find the best online casino is by familiarizing yourself with the industry and figuring out how to tell a great bonus deal from a bad one.

Why are Bonuses so important?

Casino Bonuses are free casino currencies of all kinds granted to you by a particular online casino on specific casino games. to newcomers and experienced users after they fulfill certain requirements.

There are about four types of casino bonuses any player can get from an online casino. The first is the welcome bonus, then the deposit bonus, loyalty bonus, high roller bonuses. Since we are going to be talking about beginner bonuses, specifically, we will not be covering the rest extensively.

Welcome bonuses are the rewards and offers bequeathed upon new members of the platform. They usually come in the form of percentage bonuses, match bonuses, no deposit bonuses and No wager bonuses.

Casino bonuses, whether most like to admit it not, are sometimes too difficult to claim with the mountain of requirements needed to claim the rewards. However, several of the newer bonus types- no deposit bonus- offer the users their rewards with little to no restrictions.

Play through requirements are requirements every player must fulfill before they can withdraw money granted from bonuses from their casino accounts.  They are placed on all bonuses to deter scammers and money launderers. They also help casinos mitigate potential losses accrued from award free bonuses.  There are typically three levels of wagering requirements used by casino owners. 10x, 20x, and 30x. Each level multiplies the bonus value by the number associated with the level. So, 10x multiplies your bonus multiplied by 10, 20x by 20, and so on.

What is play through or Wager requirements?

Percentage Bonuses

Percentage bonuses are welcome bonuses that offer new players a sizable chunk of their initial investment as bonuses. This type of bonus is only available after users meet the minimum deposit requirements. Usually, that is somewhere around $50 or more.  This bonus exists in tiers, and so, the more money you start with, the larger the bonus percentage. The bonus can reach a maximum of 200% in some casinos and a cap at four figures. Most casinos won’t allow you access to full percentage bonuses immediately. They only allow access after several deposits.

Casino, with low clear through requirements and high percentage bonuses, which reach into four figures, should be your biggest priority if you are looking for the casino bonus offer. You should also note that percentage bonuses are the most valuable type of casino bonuses you can acquire as newcomers to the platform.

Match bonuses

Match bonuses are variants of welcome bonuses that awards a matching amount of money you deposit. There are a minimum and maximum amount limitation, but it more or less functions as percentage bonuses do.

No Wager bonuses

No wager bonuses are the dream of every newcomer to an online casino. No Wagering free spins bonuses require the player to fulfill no playthrough requirements, which more or less means they can access whatever bonus they are offered immediately. There are a few casinos that offer true no wager bonuses. If your goal is to find the best deal, they are typically a great place to start.

 No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses come in a variety of forms. From something as simple as free spins to more restricted remunerations like platform currencies. They are awarded to newcomers after they’ve completed the sign-up process. The biggest limitation of this type of bonus is the wagering requirements usually attached to them. The requirements are nearly impossible to realistically meet, but as mentioned, a few casino requirements aren’t as hard. You can easily differentiate between these kinds of casinos by reviewing the terms and conditions and reading the playthrough requirement to see if it’s worth your time.

No deposit free spins

They more or less work like no-deposit bonuses, conferring free spins newcomers after they’ve finished the signing-up process. The only difference is that they are usually not as convoluted or impossible to clear. They are, however, limiting. Certain spins can only be used on certain slots. When this limitation is paired with the playthrough requirement, you find it’s incredibly hard to cash out.