ThinkComputers Staff Holiday 2009 Wish List

Connan Schafstall

AMD Radeon 5970


One thing I would like to see under the tree bright and early on Christmas morning is an AMD Radeon 5970, but then again, who wouldn’t want to find this twelve inch processing behemoth protruding from under the tree? With it’s dual cores and 2gb of GDDR5 running at a cool one gigahertz, it is impossible to find a faster GPU this Christmas. 3,200 shader processors, 160 texture units and 64 ROP’s make the Dual Cypress R870s the number one request to Santa this year from PC gamers around the world!

OCZ Colossus


I would love to find some solid-state lovin under the tree on X-mas morning, and what SSD has more love in it’s heart than the OCZ Colossus? With 2 internal PCBs with Indilinx controllers that equal 4 OCZ Vertex drives, the 512gb Colossus is a storage behemoth. The only thing more impressive than the sheer size of this beast is the raw speed. Write performance is finally on par with read performance, which puts this drive on the upper deck of my wish list…Santa? Are you listening?

I am trying to think of a good stocking stuffer…will a laptop fit? I would like old Jolly Saint Nick to deliver a gaming notebook with all the frills. Lets go with some major ram, say 4gb of DDR3? Maybe a size-able SSD…along with some cutting-edge mobile graphics. Now we are getting somewhere. Lets top it off with an Intel Core i7 mobile processor and we may just have an Asus G51J in that red sock above the fireplace. Thank you very much Santa! This is the best Christmas ever!

Well that’s our list for this year! Please let us know who’s picks you like the best in the comments!

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