Tips for choosing the best gaming PC in 2019

Over the times, pc games have upgraded a lot from those 8-bit animations. In terms of size, animation, story, graphics and everything else, gaming has overcome a lot of milestones to come to the place it is at now. And because different types of games have a different type of requirements, buying or building the perfect gaming pc has become more and more difficult.

When it comes to a gaming pc, whether you buy a readymade one or you build a custom one, there is a lot to consider. What is the best cpu for gaming? And appearance is also there!

Here are some tips to help you with your decision –

Fix Your Budget

Coming up with a budget is the first and foremost thing to do when it comes to buying anything. And, undoubtedly it is also very much important when it comes to buying a gaming pc. When buying a new one, it is recommended that you start your budget from at least $300. At least this much will be needed for an entry-level gaming pc. But of course, it won’t be enough for high spec games like Doom Eternal.

In around $400 – $600 You’ll be able to play almost all the current games at normal settings.  But to enjoy these games at their highest performance, You’ll need a budget of $800+. You’ll also be able to experience some VR on a pc of this budget.

Remember, buying a pre-built pc will cost slightly more than building one on your own.

Understand Your Games

If you understand the games, their types and requirements and if you understand what types of game suits you the most, then it will be easier for you buy or build the pc according to your desire. If you think that modern first-person shooter games are your thing, then you should focus more on the graphics hardware than the CPU. But if you play turn-based war games then you need a faster and more powerful CPU rather than a good GPU.

Budget is also a crucial fact when it comes to buying or building a good gaming pc, as the bigger your budget is, the more options will open for you. With a high-end pc that costs more than $1000, You’ll be able to play almost anything no matter the type of game it is.

Choosing the Right Components

Choosing the right components is very much important when buying or building a pc, especially when You’re on a budget. According to your needs, you have to choose a suitable CPU, GPU, RAM, Monitor, and other components.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

For most of the games, GPU will impact gaming performance the most and that is why it is the foremost important component when it comes to buying or building a gaming pc. But a compatible CPU is also needed if you want your game to actually work. GPU is mostly measured via VRAM and at least 2 GB of VRAM is suggested for a low-spec gaming pc.

Processor (CPU)

The processor or the CPU is also known as the brain of a computer and the second most important component of a gaming computer. But, for a normal computer, it is the most important one. But, then again for some games, a more powerful CPU may be more important than a powerful GPU. To know which CPU is better, you need to be familiar with some terms like, generation, clock speed, threads and cores.

When it comes to CPU, Intel is known for its single-core performance, whereas AMD is more known for its multi-core performance. But, AMD has almost reached Intel in terms of single-core performance in their recent releases. AMD tends to be a little cheaper in price than Intel.


After choosing the CPU, what you need to choose is a compatible motherboard. Motherboards are differed by their over-clocking capabilities.

You’ll also have to consider the size of the motherboard which is classed according to the available slots. It matters if You’re planning to upgrade your pc in the future.


RAM is the third most important component of a gaming pc. It is connected directly to your CPU and your CPU performance very much depends on the size and type of your RAM. The more channel available for your RAM the better. You should always consider DDR4 ram and at least 4 GB in size. And the more you get after that the better it is.

There are a lot of other things to consider such as storage, OS, power supply, monitor and other peripheral devices. But, CPU, GPU, RAM etc. are more important and you should try to get the best of those in your budget.

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