Tips on How to Be a Savvy Smartphone Shopper

Your old phone has served you well, and now it’s time to get a new Smartphone. The market is filled with cutting-edge gadgets that are constantly evolving. A Smartphone can now replace your camera, external storage, iPod and even the PC. With several brands and models out there, finding the right Smartphone can be a considerable challenge.

1. Determine your needs

There are different reasons to buy a Smartphone, and you ought to figure out why exactly you require one. Do you want a powerful camera? Are you looking for a large screen? Do you play games constantly and require a powerful device for this? Is it the storage that matters the most because you need space for your music collection? Are you a frequent traveler and want a dual-SIM phone? Draft a list of the features that matter the most to you, and use it to compare different models.

2. Differentiate facts from rumors

Unfortunately, there are very many Smartphone myths on the internet. If you do not research thoroughly to know the truth, you are likely to end up with the wrong phone just because someone posted incorrect information online. One of the common myths is that the higher the specifications, the better the performance. Although the misconception is partly true, specs are not the only reason behind excellent phone performance. Another illustration has to do with the iPhone rumors that have been circulating over the internet. The rumor claimed that the iPhone is intentionally slowing down older models to prompt buyers to purchase the new versions. However, this is only a myth that should not receive an audience.

3. Choose a platform

There are two operating systems worth considering – iOS and Android. Both have an excellent graphic user interface and they support a variety of games and apps. Although you can switch the platforms, it is not an easy process.

· Android

It avails a wide choice of gadgets at different prices. You can customize it quickly, and Google’s suite fits perfectly on the platform. If you are already using apps like Google Docs, Gmail and Google Maps, Android will be a suitable option for you. It also has an excellent virtual assistant, Google Assistant, which is becoming more useful over time.

· iOS

Apple’s iOS provides secure and uniform platform. The App Store has a collection of high-quality mobile apps that are better than those found in Android. If you are already using an iPad or a MacBook, then iOS will make better sense to you. You will also have a huge choice of accessories when using iPhones, which is not the case for Android gadgets.

4. Carrier vs. unlocked phone

You can sign a contract with a carrier or buy an unlocked device. If you decide to go the carrier way, make sure to get one that offers a secure network in your region. As for unlocked devices, you can select one from a variety of devices as they work on most networks. Going through a carrier is ideal if you want to purchase the Smartphone through monthly installments.

5. Specifications

· A good camera

A nice camera goes beyond the megapixel count. Make sure to test the camera before settling for a Smartphone. You can also look for reviews from current and previous users.

· Battery life

Now that it’s hard to find removable batteries, you should pick a phone that with lengthy battery life. The mAh rating will give you a rough idea of how long it can last. Note that battery capacity is impacted by software, screen size, and resolution.

· Durability

The dangers of glass phones are imminent. If you buy a glass phone and you are likely to drop it, buy a protective case. Getting a water-resistant phone is essential too because it has extended durability.

· Storage

Gone are the days when you wouldn’t do without external storage. Today, most Smartphones come with built-in storage capacity that is sufficient to last for months. Regardless, ensure you buy a phone with a MicroSD card to allow for storage expansion.

A phone is an all-time companion that is hard not to own. When shopping for one, remember to stick to features that matter the most to you. Buy from a trusted dealer and try getting the best deal.

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