Tips on keeping your online gaming accounts secure

Browsing the World Wide Web is fun, educational and for most people essential for going about their daily activities. This doesn’t mean that the Internet is perfectly safe, in fact there are plenty of dangers lurking at every corner. Online gamblers are not more exposed to these dangers than others, but they should still protect themselves from these insidious threats. Keeping the online gaming account secure should be top priority for anyone playing casino games, poker or betting on sports over the Internet.

Invest in a potent antivirus

Online casinos allow players to bet virtual currency, so they can effectively try all the games available for free, without spending a dime. Having said this, the vast majority of those who play online do it on real money, as even a tiny stake can make things far more exciting. If you’re willing to set up an online account and fund it with cash for gambling, you should be willing to spend a small amount on security.

This is where antivirus an anti-malware software come in and it is never a good idea to cut down on costs. Granted there are plenty of free antivirus software out there, this is a shining example where you should spend some money to get the very best product available. It will protect not only your online gambling account, but your computer whenever you go online and access a website.

Be extra careful what you download

Legitimate online casinos offer bonuses and run promotions on websites like that players can join to boost their bankrolls. Cyber criminals are well aware of this reality and many use bogus banners and offers to attract unsuspecting players. Clicking on these images and downloading the third-party software can be risky, especially when you don’t trust the source. The bad guys use the software as a Trojan horse to penetrate your computer’s defenses and still funds or personal information.

In order to keep your online gaming account secure, you should make sure that you only download software from reliable sources. This also applies to gambling apps provided by the casinos and there are two ways to avoid most of the common pitfalls. Ideally, you should always download the app from the official website of a trustworthy casino, to mitigate the risks. If this is not possible, try to acquire the software from trustworthy sources such as Google and Apple app stores.

Protect your account with a strong password and TFA

A long password that includes numbers, letters and special characters is recommended to keep your online accounts safe. It is much more difficult for the cyber criminals to break such an encryption, so make the effort to memorize or save such a password. You should also go a step further and use two factor authentication to protect your gaming account. Even if someone cracks your password, they will still need to hack your smart phone, which is far more difficult.