Tools required to automate universities and schools – Making the future safe for students

All the colleges and schools are gradually making the shift towards digitalization and this has also assisted other industries like commerce, manufacturing, banking, and corporate in boosting their efficiency. Digitalization promotes saving of time of the faculty, analysis and storage of the administrative data, better communication and engagement of students through the digital culture. This kind of digitalization can be achieved in colleges and schools by incorporating an automation system that can improve the functional capacity of colleges and schools.

The evolution of EdTech 2021 is deeper than EdTech 2019

There’s no doubt when we say that the education industry has evolved leaps and bounds within the last 2 years. In fact, while EdTech apps in 2019 targeted professionals that sought courses based on their basic operations, there are shift in education criterion for university students. Here are some of the noteworthy changes brought about in the education industry:

  • More teachers have turned tech-savvy and are always ready with their YouTube resources and digital courses
  • BYOD is going to be mainstream and is here to stay
  • Whiteboards are rapidly replacing blackboards
  • Digital education is the new norm
  • Automated internal processes to automate work order management process

If you want to take a tour of EdTech 2021 with automation, here are the best tools that are being used in college and university campuses.


One of the most boring tasks in the educational industry is campus management and with more than 55% of campus management corp retiring from the workforce, it is a necessity to automate as much as possible. For proper campus and space planning, don’t you think you need a proper maintenance strategy? If you have to stay relevant with the trend, you need to set up a digital and physical architecture. Even though COVID-19 vanishes and universities and schools reopen, automation and IoT is the future!


Although third-party examination modules and apps are turning out to be much better than the pen-and-paper mode, yet they are not able to replace the extreme convenience that comes with a wholesome assessment software. These software programs are capable of saving your time and making the whole idea of examinations fun for both students and teachers. Moreover, they even support numerous formats and files.


Student information in spreadsheets is old school. As long as EdTech 2021 is concerned, there’ no time to tolerate errors. Due to the addition of more student information, this will mean a tougher time with spreadsheets. The new face of student information management is the SIS tool (Saving the Industry from Sheets). The automatic SIS tool coordinates information metrics and aggravates rapid retrieval of data.


Tutors have been going through several website and app hopping in order to make online learning fun for students. However, unorganized sources may restrict the total number of fruitful hours of teachers and this can reduce the overall productivity of students and tutors in the long run. Hence, a viable solution is seeking the help of learning management software with all sorts of resources and tools at one place. Tutors can just drag and drop things to get ready for their next class.


When you read a word, you remember it, when you hear it, you perceive it and when you write it, you understand it. A blend of the three is the knowledge that you gain. If there’s one aspect where digital education is still lagging behind, then this is blackboard education. But with whiteboard software, this aspect is also covered. This whiteboard software provides a cooperative environment for learning through activity timers, screen projectors and bilateral communication.

Investing in campus automation is similar to purchasing profit for the long run. The best approach to adopt automation is to go step by step. Amaze your students and teachers with the new learning management software.