Top 5 Devices Convenient for Online Casino Gaming: Review and Comparison

Considering how fast the digital world develops, it was only a matter of time before we would finally get online casinos. Something that was almost impossible several years ago, is now highly popular. Moreover, competition in this market is simply insane. The majority of online casino sites try their best to stand out in the crowd and offer the best possible experience for their users. It might be challenging for casino owners or providers, but it is definitely more fun and useful for players. With that being said, now we have yet another question that concerns gambling online. Is there any ideal device or accessory a professional gambler needs in their life? Our answer is yes, there are at least five different and definitely convenient devices you need as a professional or amateur user. Read more about them in this guide as we were ruthless reviewing and ranking them!

Desktop PC: When It is Your Job

Having a desktop PC is perhaps one of the most professional things you can do as an online casino player. If you buy a good PC, you will never look back to other laptops, iPads, or whatever you were using before. There is something so unique and satisfying when you finally get that shiny new gaming computer. Even though the majority of online casino sites lower the quality of the games so that users can access them using everything from a simple smartphone to a laptop, owning a personal computer is a great plus. PC will be especially relevant for the fans of free pokies Australia or any live or high-resolution game. After all, PCs have much more resolution and playability, which will allow you to enjoy the game better and have more fun in the process.

So here’s our verdict. You don’t have to buy a desktop PC if you view online casinos as your hobby. However, as a professional, it can become a handy tool that will change your game of betting once and for all.

We also must say that personal computers do have some disadvantages. You can find them below.


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Might cost a fortune
  • Cannot be taken for short traveling

Headphones: Guarantee Full Immersion

We will start with one of the cheapest devices on our list. However, honestly, the price mainly depends only on your needs and capabilities. Nevertheless, headphones have become a staple for all mobile and computer users. You rarely see a person on the street without their handy set of headphones. But are they relevant for gambling? Our answer is both yes and no as, first and foremost, here’s a quick insight into the world of game development. All providers of casino games have sound designers who work on music and sounds that you hear from all slot machines. They believe that this improves user experience and we cannot help but agree. So when you’re playing poker or a live game, you might not actually need headphones. Soundesign there is simple and doesn’t do much for user experience. Therefore, whether you need headphones is totally up to you and how much you want to feel the atmosphere of casinos too.

Our recommendation is to have a simple set just in case you want to talk to other users during multiplayer games. Having a microphone is also a plus.

Any High-Resolution Laptop

If you are not willing to commit to expensive personal computers, a laptop is a perfect solution for you. They might not be cheaper, especially good ones, but they will be more comfortable to work with. Besides, you can travel with them and they do have much more capabilities than your normal smartphone.

We can even dare to say that laptops combine the best features of smartphones and personal computers. They are usually small in size, lightweight but still strong, and capable of handling casino games, even downloadable ones. Even though it is true that the majority of online casinos do offer instant play slots, some of them must be downloaded. That is why you might need a laptop.

Besides, laptops make winning more professional. For example, it is easy to work with when it comes to payment methods, especially Bitcoin and Crypto. Is much better to see how much you get or how much you spend away from the tiny screen of your smartphone.

Smartphones: Quick and Easy

Smartphones always remain the popular choice for many players. After all, it is the most convenient method of playing and you probably have a smartphone on you already. It has a number of advantages. First and foremost, you can take your smartphone anywhere. Unlike personal computers or laptops, smartphones can easily fit into your pocket. Therefore, you can play anywhere from your couch, work, bus, car, or any other location. Still, don’t forget to be responsible and play it safe.

Moreover, a major part of the most popular slot providers accounts for their users having only a smartphone. Therefore, they do develop apps for Android and iOS specifically, rarely considering that their users will use browsers.

List of popular casinos available on your phone:

  • Microgaming
  • BetSoft
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming.
  • IGT

If you’re a fan of one of these providers, you will be more than happy with your smartphone. However, not every provider offers apps for both iOS and Android. So consider this when choosing a phone specifically for gambling.

VR Headset: Look into the Future

Yes, you can even buy VR headsets to be even fancier than you already are. Considering that online casinos develop each day, it is only a matter of months before one of the providers finally launches their brand new virtual reality casino. We personally cannot wait to see what it can look like. Nevertheless, if you want to be ahead of the game, don’t hesitate to get a new pair of VR to experience a real Las Vegas ride from your living room.

Simply imagine having a city of sin without even leaving your couch. With VR you will definitely have a more in-depth experience with whatever your favorite casino is preparing. Of course, you will also need a pair of good headphones to match VR.

However, virtual reality sets are usually rather expensive. Therefore, you should definitely get it if you are a professional or someone who simply wants to have fun playing.

Amateurs VS Professionals

As we mentioned before, the device you’re getting will depend on your personal needs. Of course, if you download or look for online gambling sites simply to have fun, feel free to use a smartphone or laptop. The majority of casino providers offer online applications for instant play games. They also minimize the space taken on your phone. So don’t worry that he will not be able to download them.

Being a professional is a more difficult job. We can definitely say that having a smartphone is definitely not enough. The majority of the games are pretty heavy for everyday use. You’ll be fine playing them once or twice a week, but every day might cause an overload on your phone. Therefore, searching for a desktop PC is the best thing you can do. Even though you can’t get away with having a laptop, we do recommend having a personal computer, if you plan on doing this professionally.

Other accessories, including headphones and VR sets, are more than voluntary. Depending on how deep you want to dive into the world of online gambling, the more devices you need. Headphones will help you to be more motivated to play. After all, the majority of slots have an immaculate sound design on their side. Besides, virtual reality sets might not be popular right now, but we are sure that they soon will be.

Choose Your Own Device

Wow, that was a wild trip, wasn’t it? We hope now you finally realize what you might need for gambling, whether you are a professional or only a beginner. First and foremost, you can easily start simply by having a smartphone. You don’t even need a separate phone simply reserved for gambling, when you start, using your personal device will be just enough. Later, we would advise you to reserve a special device for this sport, if you continue viewing it as a profession.

Once you start thinking that you’re ready for some big guns, you can either get a separate phone, a new laptop, or even a personal computer for your needs. Depending on what sports you prefer, the devices will be different. Slot machines suit smartphones and normal laptops. If you play poker or roulette, you might want to consider buying a personal computer.

The choice is completely up to you. But we do recommend starting with one device and working your way through different options as soon as you feel like you’re getting profit. Another part of being responsible with gambling is never buying anything unnecessary before you know that you need it. So start testing your luck now.