Top 5 Online FlashCard Applications

We’re sure you know that feeling of frustration when you’re trying to learn something, but it just won’t stay in your head. If this happens with you way too often, chances are you may be doing something wrong. Everyone learns a different way. Some people learn better when they listen, others learn when they see, and others learn when they write. So, it’s important that you learn the way best suited for you.

One super effective way of learning is through flashcards! Not only do flashcards make learning easy and fast, but they’re also kind of fun. Flashcards are also DIY. You can easily make them with some chart paper, pen, and scissors. But, if you’re not in the mood to sit and make some flashcards, there are a ton of online flashcard applications that you can use, such as an android flashcard app!

A flashcard app is convenient to use since it’s easily available on your phone. There’s a huge range of topics available on these applications as well that can help you with various classes in school or college. For example, vocabulary flashcards can improve your essay writing skills.

Below, we’ve listed down the top 5 flashcard applications for you to use on your phone. Keep reading to see what the best flashcard app android has to offer is.

  1. Brainscape

flashcard 1
One of the most popular flashcard applications is Brainscape! This app is available on both Android and iOS.

Brainscape has an easy to use interface that’s also appealing to the eyes. The application already has millions of users, so why not join them? The application has color-coded flashcards on a huge range of topics. In addition to this, you also have the option to keep track of your progress. The application also gets smarter, the more you use it. It learns your weak areas and thus pushed you to focus on your problems.

For unlimited access to all the flashcards, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version. In the free version, there’s a daily limit to how many flashcards you can use. This isn’t a huge problem, but it can be a hindrance if you’re trying to learn something completely new – like a language.

  1. Quizlet

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This is another app that’s popular on both iOS and Android. Quizlet offers users a chance to choose from a variety of topics and learn through both reading flashcards and listening to them. The audio pronunciation is an excellent feature, especially for people learning a new language.

Like most apps, Quizlet also has a free and paid version. However, what makes this app great is that you’ll be just fine without the paid version – minus putting up with the annoying advertisements.

  1. Anki

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Anki is a powerful flashcard app that is rated highly by many users. While it may not win in terms of interface and user-friendliness – it comes out on top when it comes to learning efficiency and information retention. In Anki, you get to create flashcards to suit the way you learn. After going through each flashcard, you can also rate how difficult it was – allowing the app to learn the areas you’re struggling with and the areas you’re excelling at.

Anki uses the concept of spaced repetition to help you learn. Concepts you’re good at are shown to you at larger spaces, to check how well you’re retaining information. Concepts you’re struggling with are showing at shorter spaces to allow you to absorb them. The app is free for Android users, which is why many users say it is the best flashcard app Android has to offer.

However, the iOS version costs a staggering $25. If you’re an iOS user looking for a free flashcard app, there are a lot of other online flashcards that you can find in free essay examples and use. If Anki’s spaced repetition technique has really intrigued you, though, you’d have to cough up the money.

flashcard 4
If you’re looking for a flashcard app with a lot of features, then Cram is for you! Cram has an easy-to-use interface, and its design is nothing out of the ordinary. However, where it stands out is its features. You can create your own flashcards and even add images to them. The ‘hint’ feature also allows you to add hints for each card – so you have some help if you get stuck.

Other than the basic flashcard mode, you can also use other modes such as multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blanks. These modes are all pretty easy to use and utilize the flashcards you made. There are also two games that you can play, called Jewels of Wisdom and Stellar Spellar.

  1. StudyBlue

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StudyBlue is an excellent application to use with multiple people! With StudyBlue, you can link up with your classmates by entering your school name and class name on the app. Once you’ve linked up with them, you can share study materials with each other. You can create your own cards and add pictures and audio too. In addition to this, you can search for cards made by other students and teachers from all around the world.

The app itself is simple to use! StudyBlue also records your progress, which is great to monitor your progress. Another extra feature on the application is homework help and online classes! If this app sounds interesting, you can download it on Android and iOS for free.


There’s no shortage of flashcard applications to choose from. But the huge range of choices can be immensely confusing for some people. Are you asking what is the best flashcard app android users should have? There’s no set answer. Everyone learns in a different way. That’s why we advise you to try out the apps on this list and decide which one suits you yourself!